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holiday coloring books Here are some strong idea-starters to get those creative juices flowing ... as well as visual activities that are just plain fun! All are very inexpensive and will make superb gifts. If you really make some killer pages, snap a quick photo and send it in! Here are our titles :

Christmas Find and Color

happy holidaysIt's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in the bustling pages of this unique activity book. Kids can look forward to the coming holiday by spotting the hidden objects and characters in 20 joyfully chaotic pictures of Santa's workshop, the North Pole mailroom, a busy toy store, a Christmas castle, and other seasonal locales. After solving the puzzles (solutions appear at the end), children can color each page. Great idea for a stocking stuffer!
christmas, thanksgiving and the holidays Christmas Find and Color by Agostino Traini

happy holidaysMy Christmas Songbook: Music for the Beginning Pianist

This is the perfect book for beginning pianists, singers, and colorists who love Christmas.
      It features 20 fun-to-play-and-sing holiday songs, followed by 16 festive coloring pages based on the classic tunes. Plus, each of the melodies is accompanied by a free MP3 download that will assist students with practice.
christmas, thanksgiving and the holidays My Christmas Songbook: Music for the Beginning Pianist by Bergerac

12 Holiday Cut & Make Decorations

happy holidays Add a crafty touch to your Christmas! Make your holidays merry and bright with these festive table decorations. A dozen cut-and-make projects offer fun for the whole family, and each craft includes easy-to-follow instructions.
      Crafts include an angel, teddy bear, and snowman ornaments to hang on the tree; miniature gift boxes; a dainty gingerbread house; winter scenes; a Christmas basket; candy cane bag; snowflake chain; and other colorful seasonal items.
christmas, thanksgiving and the holidays Easy Christmas Crafts: 12 Holiday Cut & Make Decorations by Maggie Swanson

happy holidaysOld-Time Christmas Village Sticker Advent Calendar

With this charming advent calendar, children can start getting ready for Christmas on December 1. Each day, they add a numbered sticker illustration to a lovely backdrop of a Victorian-era village shown on the inside front and back covers. On Christmas Day, they add the final touch — a brightly lit Christmas tree in the town square.
      Both children and adults will treasure this beautiful old-time village, complete with shops, cozily lit Tudor-style homes, simple country cottages, and a steepled church — the perfect setting for celebrating a joyful holiday season.
christmas, thanksgiving and the holidays Old-Time Christmas Village Sticker Advent Calendar by Darcy May

Enjoy these samples ... click for full page versions! Click images to advance to next slide

advent_0 advent_1 advent_2 advent_3
advent_0 advent_1 advent_2 advent_3
advent_4 crafts_0 crafts_1 crafts_2
advent_4 crafts_0 crafts_1 crafts_2
crafts_3 crafts_4 crafts_5 find_n_color_0
crafts_3 crafts_4 crafts_5 find_n_color_0
find_n_color_1 find_n_color_3 find_n_color_4 songs_0
find_n_color_1 find_n_color_3 find_n_color_4 songs_0
songs_1 songs_2 songs_3 songs_3s
songs_1 songs_2 songs_3 songs_3s
songs_4 songs_4s songs_5 songs_5s
songs_4 songs_4s songs_5 songs_5s

Enjoy these from previous holidays ... with lots more free coloring pages!

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Have fun!
      fred_c_125 Thanks for reading . . . and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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