17th Annual Designing Women

by Fred Showker

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2,000 covers

17th Annual Designing Women in DTG

Louise Fili worked in the book publishing business for 11 years and now runs her own design studio where she specializes in some of the most awesome restaurant identity, food packaging and book jacket design you'll ever see!
      She was a designer for Herb Lubalin for 3 years before becoming an art director for Pantheon Books. While she was there she designed over 2000 book covers and jackets. She is married to designer and author Steven Heller!
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Designing Women Full story : Louise Fili at www.louisefili.com

A chat with Paula Scher

17th Annual Designing Women in DTG

Scher began her career creating album covers for both Atlantic and CBS records. However, it was not long before she formed her own design company, and after only a few years there she joined Pentagram.
      Scher has developed identity and branding systems, promotional materials, environmental graphics, packaging and publication designs for a broad range of clients that includes, among others, Bloomberg, Coca-Cola, Bausch. This film is great, and the link goes to a collection of her works.
Designing Women, creative, visual artists and designers Here, Lots of samples of Paula's works
Designing Women Enjoy this video chat with Paula Scher, via hillmancurtis.com

Jessica Hische : Inspiration

17th Annual Designing Women in DTG

We introduced you to Jessica some time ago in the pages of DTG. While revisiting her, we discovered a lively piece she's written called "Inspiration vs. Imitation" ... I think all creatives should read it ...

Quoting  begins Every now and then I get a really lovely email from an aspiring letterer that is about to publish a passion project of his or her own. They tell me my work was an inspiration and that they can't wait to share their creation with the world. I feel all warm and fuzzy inside for a moment -- until I click on their link and realize that much of what they intend to publish is nearly a direct tracing of my work. Quoting  ends

Designing Women, creative, visual artists and designers See her Daily Dropcap Alphabet #1
Designing Women Full story : www.jessicahische.is

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