CREATIVE Tidbits April #3

by Fred Showker

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* Graphic Design students to South Africa, and visit
* A Retro-Cool Beer Brand That Embraces Graphic Design
* join Nada Hakeem in search of the perfect shot!

Graphic Design students to South Africa

another creative update for inspiration

One group of graphic design students will spend spring break helping South African refugees understand their rights through the "together +" anti-xenophobia campaign.
      Seven Notre Dame graphic and industrial design students will travel to South Africa over break. The educational and promotional campaign is supported by Notre Dame's Center for Social Concerns, the Kellogg Institute for International Studies and CUSE.
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A Retro-Cool Beer Brand That Embraces Good Graphic Design

another creative update for inspiration

The Seattle microbrewery Hilliard's is less than a year old. Of course, you wouldn't guess that from its beer cans, which have the same nostalgic appeal as one of grandpa's argyle sweaters, inviting comparisons to Schlitz, a brand that's been around for decades, rather than months.
      To craft the vintage look, Hilliard's enlisted the help of the Seattle-based branding agency. "Hilliard's approached us wanting a design that evoked a classic/retro beer label without all the usual clich's that you find on a lot microbrews: images of hops and barley or goofy illustrations," Mint's Bryan Danknich tells Co.Design. "We were fortunate in that these guys are into design themselves and were open to something a little more progressive and daring."
click for video or screen capture can art up close... pretty nice stuff!

In pursuit of the perfect shot

educational iPad / iPhone Apps for kids

Nada Hakeem is a young Saudi graphic design graduate with an interest in art, fashion and photography. She has found that the best way to merge her interests together is by becoming a fashion photographer.
      The photographer usually shoots fashion-related events, garments for look books or conceptual for editorial and commercial purposes.
      Hakeem has been working with young local fashion designers to help them showcase their collection through creative photo shoots. She worked with local fashion brands such as Sotra Boutique and Fyunka.
READ THIS REPORT Full story : Rima Al-Mukhtar -
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