Creative Tidbits: Typography

by Fred Showker

Fred Showker's Creative Tidbits Just in time for this issue of Creative Tidbits, two excellent pieces from icons in the design and typography fields : Allan Haley asks "What is Typography All About?" ... and our friend Steven Heller reminds us all of the place occupied in typography history by Steve Jobs! Also, we have :
[] We Love Typography
[] Print's Color Conference
[] Indies Only: Oswego Resident Having His Cake
[] Liz Ryan: Moving past the tire-kickers
[] Spending Wisely on Technology
[] Entrepreneurial Success: 6 Questions with Lolo Siderman
[] 7 Ways Tim Cook's Apple Can Serve Small Business Better
I've got lots more creative typography tidbits so stay tuned all through September and October ...

another creative tidbit

What is Typography All About? ... If you think about it, the craft of typography is little more than the combination of three very simple things: attention to detail, common sense and visual acuity. Sure, there are typographic rules and guidelines, but they are, for the most part, just based on what is sensible and pleasing to the eye.
      Learning to identify the parts of a character may increase a designer's business vocabulary, and knowing the lineage of Garamond designs may aid in the choosing of a good modern revival of the face, but the real key to typographic success is basically just 'sweating the details' and a simple coordination of mind and eye.
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We Love Typography ... There are at least 10,000 sites online, Facebook, and so forth with the tag "We love typography." Yawn. It's almost generic. But it's a fantastic treasure of all things typography.
      The brain child of John Boardley, who also invented "I Love Typography", this site is one you should bookmark and follow for daily doses of good design and typography.
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creativity for visual artists and designers Here, See the video, or another screen capture

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Print Magazine has announced the first-ever Print Color Conference, taking place October 4-6, in New York City. Presented in partnership with Pantone and COLOURlovers, and hosted by The Art Directors Club, the event is an exploration of color by leaders in the graphic design, art, fashion, lighting, and interior design industries.
      The focus of Print's Color Conference is to illuminate and elevate the discussion of color; its usefulness and impact on society, its importance as a communication tool; and its impact on the worlds of art, design, politics, branding, and everyday lives.

Liz Ryan: Moving past the tire-kickers

another creative tidbitLiz Ryan does freelance graphic design. Liz answers this inquiry from a reader :
      I do freelance graphic design. Telephone tire-kickers are killing me. They fire questions at me for half an hour. Then I learn they want a corporate identity for $500. I charge $2,500 for a branding package. How do I get off the phone fast without being rude?
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