Creative Tidbits: Typography

by Fred Showker

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another creative tidbitIndies Only: Oswego Resident Having His Cake - Mark Lie is an artist and his medium is cake. He has a background in graphic design, which helps him move his concepts from the drawing board to the final product.
      He markets his product, Piece of Cake: Custom cakes by Mark, mostly through his Facebook page. 'The greatest reward is watching my clients' amazement when they first see the cake. I strive to exceed their expectations."
creativity for visual artists and designers Here is Lie ("Lee") with another of his creations

The Job Jobs Did

another creative tidbit When the Macintosh was introduced, Steve Jobs became something of a pariah in the graphic design world. Apple ran a TV commercial that introduced the world to graphic designers, and in the next breath said that, because of the Macintosh, they were obsolete.
      Not only did his products become integral to the graphic design community, but Apple essentially created new professions for designers.
READ THIS REPORT Full story : STEVEN HELLER, The New York Times
creativity for visual artists and designers Here, See the video that started it all!

7 Ways Tim Cook's Apple Can Serve Small Business Better

another creative tidbit Apple and small businesses have an interesting relationship. While Apple has seemingly gone out of its way to avoid catering to the business market, it certainly has its adherents.
      And that's not just in traditionally Mac-friendly lines of business like graphic design either--for every design house that's all Mac, there are a bunch of dentists' offices that choose Macs for reception desks and other public-facing locations.
READ THIS REPORT Full story : Robert Dutt, PCWorld

Spending Wisely on Technology

another creative tidbitWhen Corrie Wilder got laid off from a large magazine publisher in 2008, she figured she could keep working in her field by launching a graphic-design business out of her home.
      There was just one problem: The hardware and software she was accustomed to using was no longer at her disposal, requiring her to buy similar technology of her own.
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Entrepreneurial Success: 6 Questions with Lolo Siderman

another creative tidbitLolo Siderman is a recognized expert in the world of entrepreneurial marketing, author of multiple how-to guides for business owners, a corporate & motivational speaker, as well as the founder of Gypsywing Media.
      From graphic design to web design, social media strategy to PR, every client receives a custom package tailored to their particular needs and budget.
READ THIS REPORT Full story : Business 2 Community
creativity for visual artists and designers See: Lolo's portfolio

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