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by Fred Showker

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UK’s first student type foundry is ‘font’ of knowledge

creative inspiration and ideas for the holidays

The University of Salford has created the country’s first repository to showcase unique, creative typefaces designed by students from Salford and across the UK.
      Salford Type Foundry (STF) has been developed by the University’s Graphic Design students and lecturer Tim Isherwood to provide a home initially for Salford student fonts, with students designing and building the Foundry’s website at to promote their work to the creative industries and beyond.
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Graphic designer to talk 'social change'

creative inspiration and ideas for the holidays

Some call it design for the greater good. Others call it social design. Whatever you call it, its clear that an altruistic impulse is on the rise in the design community.
      Designing for Social Change, is a compact, hands-on primer for graphic designers who want to use their unique problem-solving skills to help others. Author Andrew Shea presents ten proven strategies for working effectively with community organizations. These strategies can frame the design challenge and create a checklist to keep a project on track. Twenty case studies illustrate how design professionals and students approach unique challenges when working on a social agenda.
READ THIS REPORT Full story : Designing For Social Change: Strategies for Community-Based Graphic Design by Andrew Shea, Ellen Lupton, William Drenttel
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Pedro Paulino's Portfolio

creative inspiration and ideas for the holidays

Pedro Paulino has a remarkable portfolio, particularly the work he's done for the Ruaa bar & restaurant
      Pedro plies his talents in Brazil. He majored in Industrial Design, product design specifically, but has an eternal love with graphic design, prints, branding and types.
READ THIS REPORT Full story : Pedro Paulino's Portfolio
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