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by Fred Showker

Fred Showker's Creative Tidbits blog postings In this edition of Art & Creative tidbits we pass along more DTG bookmarks * Adobe and the digital magazine * The Myths of Innovation * Illustrator: Calculate Area of Shape * Web Logo Design: The Good, the Bad and the Overused * Jay O'Callahan: The Power of Storytelling * Truly beautiful printing & production * "Not Another Photo Contest" - $8,000 in Prizes ... plus more!

Adobe and the digital magazine

The Digital Magazine Solution from Adobe, coming in late summer 2010 to Adobe Labs, enables media, corporate, and retail catalog publishers to create and monetize immersive content experiences like the WIRED Reader. These digital magazines can be consumed on the Apple iPad, with other platforms and devices expected in the future.
      Isn't it funny that Adobe is attempting to lead this parade -- yet the very page promotint it is written in incorrect, poorly implemented code. So much for DreamWeaver.
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11 Trends in Web Logo Design: The Good, the Bad and the Overused

Designing and critiquing logos for web-based companies and startups is a pursuit of endless fascination for many of us. Over the years, we've seen enough startups come and go (and rebrand and merge) to fill a volume with how and how not to develop and execute a logo for a web company.
      In this article, we've identified 11 trends in web company logo design. Hopefully, you'll see a few here that apply to the startups and web apps we write about every day. And of course, we've included some handy illustrations as a sort of field guide to the logos of the web.
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Jay O'Callahan: The Power of Storytelling

Jay O'Callahan has the rare distinction of traveling the world telling stories. Here, he introduces us to the power of storytelling - that most human, and ancient, art form.
      Through the lens of a tale about NASA putting a man on the moon, O'Callahan illustrates how storytelling taps into our imagination, engages those around us, and inspires amazing achievements.
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Truly beautiful printing & production

Beast Pieces is the letterpress and design blog of Studio On Fire. Studio On Fire is a hybrid design and letterpress workspace in Minneapolis, Minnesota Their design services are committed to making distinctive work that engages the senses.
      They are committed to making letterpress one of the most premium and relevant production methods for contemporary design.
NOT to be missed!
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"Not Another Photo Contest" ... $8,000 in Prizes

International Press Association (IPA) has announced a unique photo contest to help launch their new Member Support Blog on their web site and encourage photographers and journalists not familiar with IPA to visit their website and see what they do.
      The contest was the idea of IPA president Len Rapoport, who stated that 'Our contest is meant to be an inclusive and fun contest, one meant to involve the photographer and their fans. We want them to go out and encourage voting so they can not only have a better chance to win, but also win by getting the exposure and credibility we at IPA believe is essential today for success. This is not just another photo contest because we really want it to motivate photographers and have a way for us to introduce IPA to the many photographers who don't seem to know how to make their work pay and who may have given up'.
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