DTG News for April 2011

by Fred Showker

DTG Newsletter ~ Vol. 21, #04 ~ April, 2011

  1. Welcome to April COLOR ...
  2. Designing Women: Jane Conner-ziser
  3. Vivid Color in Photoshop (tutorial)
  4. Own a Color
  5. COLOR! New era, new tools
  6. Creative: Design inspiration for April COLOR
  7. Business : Design in Metal for extra profits
  8. Color: from the experts
  9. Color : Honeysuckle design
  10. Creative Tidbits for fun and inspiration:
  11. YOLO 2011 Color Predictions
  12. Final Cut Final Print
  13. U&lc is back!
  14. INTERVIEW: Ryan Michael Kelly
  15. Will graphic designer's evolve design?
  16. Web: news, views and reviews for Web-Designers
  17. News, views and reviews for publishers
  18. April COLOR: refreshing, reawakening ...
  19. Editor's Notes

Welcome to April COLOR ...

DTG Magazine newsletter for April, 2011 This, our 21st April finalizes this year's "Designing Women" celebration, and opens the gates of glorious color.

Robert Brunner once said: "Good design isn't just good looks. People don't buy aesthetics, they buy emotions. They want an experience; what it does for them, how it behaves, how it works for them. and most importantly, how it makes them feel." What a great sentiment for graphic designers to always remember -- which also happens to be a totally appropriate way to kick off our color issue. Thank you Alex White for passing that one along!

Designing Women: Jane Conner-ziser

We get so wrapped up in Photoshop stuff, we often forget about the extraordinary work being done in Corel Painter! One particular artist will totally sweep you away, so I knew I had to get her into this year's Designing Women. . . ladies and gentlemen, meet : Jane Conner-ziser!

Vivid Color in Photoshop (tutorial)

This Photoshop Tutorial was submitted by 9Tuts some time ago and we had been saving it as a perfect COLOR technique for our April ... use overlays, gradients and masks to enhance the color in any photograph for VIVID color!

Own a Color

This article, contributed by Jonathan Munk, was first published in 2007. In reviewing this year's color issue, we find Jonathan's words are even more true than ever! Follow along as Jonathan Munk shares these important considerations for your logo and identity program...

COLOR! New era, new tools

Never before have designers had such a broad and exciting landscape of color palette tools. With mobile devices, iPads, iPhones and iPods, the designer can rule the color world for just a few dollars. Here are the top apps we found for your mobile device ...
[] Fonts And Colors Reference for designer's
[] Color Stream - palettes from scratch
[] myPANTONE makes it all accessible
[] Colormixer sketch pad for color
[] Cliqcliq Colors - color picker
[] colorSutra
... and more!

Creative: Design inspiration for April COLOR

This issue of Creative Tidbits brings more Designing Women, and even the Fashion Color report for fall... along with
[] Will Crowdsourcing Replace Graphic Designers?
[] The "Enfant Terrible" of Graphic Design
[] Royal Couple Wedding Monogram Contest
[] A Little Culture With Your Beer?
[] Rethink your design thinking
[] Why I Draw
... and more!Creative: Design inspiration for April COLOR

Business : Design in Metal for extra profits

I've been working on some signs and signage concepts for clients this month, and in the process became reacquainted with one area usually untouched by graphic designers or design studios -- architectural lettering. Then we met Impact Signs, for metal signs and letters - cast or machined in Bronze, aluminum. So please, thank them for helping with this month's issue!

But seriously, graphic designers : if you've got clients who own offices or buildings, or are planning to move into new quarters, spring time is the perfect opportunity to pick up a couple hundred (thousand) extra dollars with only a couple hours of work. Follow along ... here's how to do it...

Color: from the experts

For this year's color edition, we gathered our favorite book excerpts by the experts in digital imagery. Enjoy :
[] Dealing with Ghosting in Merge to HDR Pro in Adobe Photoshop CS5
[] Keeping Great Color When Emailing or Posting Photos to the Web
[] Using the Color Replacement Tool in Adobe Photoshop CS5
[] Elaine Weinmann and Peter Lourekas on Color Replacement
[] Cropping to a Specific Size in Adobe Photoshop CS5
[] Converting to Black and White Using Camera Raw
[] Converting Color When You Print
[] Using the HUD Color Pickers ... and more

Color : Honeysuckle design

2011 looks brighter already Honeysuckle, a sherberty, intense shade of pink with a hint of red and orange zest, is the hot new hue and is beginning to pop up everywhere. Now, make the paper part of your color designs

Creative Tidbits for fun and inspiration:

This Creative Tidbits brings more Designing Women, and some real design inspiration ... including :
[] Charlotte Strick, Book Jacket Designer
[] Passion into photography
[] Design locked in time
[] If You Pay Peanuts, You Get Monkeys
[] New book examines the Group of Seven
[] Will Cotton: Butcher, Baker, Candyland Maker
[] The 10 Greatest Movie Title Sequences by Saul Bass
[] Core77 Launches Design Awards Program ... and more!
Creative Tidbits for fun and inspiration:

YOLO 2011 Color Predictions

Have you ever actually tried to match inks, paints, color swatches, and chips across multiple media -- like paper and the web? Take a look at Yolo's color predictions for some juicy inspiration

Final Cut Final Print

Digital Heaven has seen the problem getting good print reports from Final Cut Pro. So, they've come up with Final Print 2.0, the must-have tool for browsing and printing Final Cut Pro projects.

U&lc is back!

Well, almost ... back issues are now available. Now Fonts.com and Allan Haley look like they are going to profiteer on those works-- making back issues now available as downloadable PDF files!

INTERVIEW: Ryan Michael Kelly

At only 25, Ryan Michael Kelly is making a big stir in the realm of fashion photography. Already, the young photographer has snapped pics for clients including Men's Vogue, Vanity Fair Italia, Bloomingdales, Here's a great interview with Ryan, by LookBooks.com

Will graphic designer's evolve design?

I didn't make it to "Design Indaba" but from reading the press, it was a fantastic gathering of graphic design illuminaries from all over the world. Herman Manson covers a great presentation by Dana Arnett, asking if graphic designer's evolve design?

Web: news, views and reviews for Web-Designers

This month's web updates present a mix and match of catch-up items we've had on our radars for several weeks. I'm beginning to believe that SEO is actually a myth perpetuated by preying on web site owners anxieties to get listed near the top of Google. Some interesting stuff here ...
[] How To Estimate the Traffic You'll Gain By Increasing Your Rankings
[] Google's Search Results Get More Social; Twitter, Facebook 'Like'
[] Twitter Turns to Users to Translate Site Into More Languages
[] 5 Website Features You Can Easily Offload to Reduce Costs
[] Management Tip of the Day: Add Structure to Social Media
[] PPC vs. SEO: Paid Search as Your Organic Competitor
[] HOW TO: Optimize Your Company's LinkedIn Profile
[] Online Reputation Management's Top 3 Challenges
[] Is Link Relevance as Effective as Anchor Text?
[] How to Plan a Successful Website Redesign.
[] Designing an SEO Friendly URL Structure
[] Measuring Free Clicks in AdWords
[] Who Says Email's Dead?
[] Curtains For MySpace?
... and several others
Web: news, views and reviews for Web-Designers

News, views and reviews for publishers

I think this is the most number of links and tidbits for publishers I've ever run! Wow ... who knew??? Now the news of the iPad 2 begins to ripple through the publishing industry -- but hey, there was still unfinished business before the iPad! Also, I've run across several really good articles -- and some stories you may have missed -- that broaden your understanding of the publishing scene as it unfolds ...

Publishing topics this month include:
[] Google launches ebooks, cross-platform e-bookstore and reader
[] Analysis: Book publishers may suffer in world without Borders
[] Honor Thy Content: Five Commandments of Editorial Excellence
[] Printing Employment Shrinks, Shipments per Employee Rise
[] Seven Reasons Newspapers Are Not Rebounding Financially
[] Google One Pass to Challenge Apple Subscription Service
[] More with interactive than static print ads: Adobe
[] Publishing experts take dim view of Apple's iPads
[] So the Publishing Business Didn't Die, After All
[] Key Success Factors for a tablet-only 'paper'
[] Who Else Wants to Write Better Email Copy?
[] iPad publishing: time to switch to v2.0
[] For Magazines, a Bitter Pill in iPad
[] Apple's bet on publishing
[] E-book sales outdo print
[] Tear down this PDF
-- and a dozen others...
News, views and reviews for publishers

April COLOR: refreshing, reawakening ...

Our 21st April brings us to the reawakening of color. It also happens to close out our 16th Designing Women issue and we've had a great time with that. We love sharing design, typography and graphics in the pages of DTG online -- color is something that touches everyone, everywhere -- and the more you know about it, the better you'll be able to appreciate it!


* JUNE: Digital Summer - once warm weather hits we'll be on the road with the digital lifestyle -- including some real fun with your digital cameras, you iPad and other mobile devices.

* JULY: It's hot -- but your hottest profits in the graphic design biz just might take you outside for some fresh air and fun. Stay tuned

April is brought to you by the letter "A"

April is brought to you by the color of SPRING

* PUBLISHERS' WAREHOUSE: In this month's Loading Dock download section, you'll find a ton of new clip art samples, and some we cannot mention here ... but we know you'll enjoy.

Let's celebrate the color of spring together! Welcome to April.

Once again you've wasted a perfectly good hour reading the DTG newsletter. Hopefully all is not wasted and you've gained at least one helpful tidbit of info --

Fred Showker
      Fred Showker
      Editor / Publisher, DT&G Magazine

      "When in doubt ... make it RED.
      If you're still in doubt, make it BIG!"
      Ivan Chermayeff

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