DTG September 2010

by Fred Showker

16th Annual Fall Fonts Festival

  1. Welcome to September
  2. Typography to excite the senses
  3. A Brief History of Typography
  4. Fonts with Attitude
  5. 16th Annual Fonts Gallery
  6. MailBag: Font comments from DTG Readers & Winners
  7. Bookshelf: Most Important Typography Books
  8. Type: Which type styles are best?
  9. Design: Art & Creative tidbits
  10. Photoshop Madness: Cool Text Effects
  11. Web Design: Choosing a Web Hosting Plan
  12. Desktop Publishing: Type on the Grid using Adobe InDesign
  13. Desktop Publishing: : Creating Pages using InDesign CS5
  14. Graphic Design: Interactive Documents using InDesign
  15. The Design Bookshelf... TOO MUCH
  16. Publishing & Media Update
  17. &Else : all the news postings:
  18. September : it's all about type

16th Annual Fall Fonts Festival

DTG News for September 2010...Welcome to September and the opening of our 16th Annual Fonts Festival. This will be the most read issue of DTG of the year, and we hope you enjoy it.

I've got good news, and I've got bad news. The good news is there are close to 100 new content items in the Design Center since the August newsletter went out. The bad news is I cannot possibly list them all here. You probably should subscribe to the news feed if you want it all, as it's published.

This issue is brought to you by two of our most loyal supporters! World Label and LogoBee have sponsored numerous issues over that past ten years -- which proves they're reliable companies in the Design sphere who want you to succeed! We send out a big thanks to both:
* http://www.worldlabel.com/
* http://www.logobee.com/

We also wish to thank Ingram and Dreamstime for their ongoing support of the Design Center, and for providing us with some luscious images to use in our samples. BRAVO.

And now, on with the show . . .

Typography to excite the senses

Welcome to the 16th Annual Fonts Festival ... come and discover new talent and amazing design work appearing around the world -- new typography works that take the art to a new level. This is the first in an upcoming series of field trips we'll be taking over the weeks to come.
Sit back and enjoy...

A Brief History of Typography

After two years of development and enhancement, this wonderful account, authored in 2005 by Thomas W. Phinney now comes to DTG readers with hundreds of links and references added, and updated. Learn the history behind the fonts! This journey takes you from the beginnings of type, through these phases -- all along the way we've provided you with samples and links to the impoartant milestones in the History of Typography ...
* Typography through the centuries
* Transitional & Modern Type Families
* Sans Serif: Gothic and Grotesque
* Slab Serif: Egyptian Type Styles
* Decorative & Display Typestyles
* Script, Brush, Italic & Freehand
* Synthesis & Modern Day Fonts . . .
begin this landmark journey through typography here

Fonts with Attitude

These are definitely not your father's fonts. Ingram labels this CD collection "Fonts for the Modern Age" and that's exactly what they are. Follow along as we take a peek at just a select few of more than
800 new fonts included in this killer fonts collection

16th Annual Fonts Gallery

This year's "History of Typography" includes over 200 links to classic and notable fonts, designers, foundries, letter styles, in all classifications and origin. This is a pictorial romp through 68 of the most recommended, and loved type faces of all times.
Hope you enjoy the trip!

MailBag: Font comments from DTG Readers & Winners

Each year we ask for readers' comments, discoveries, reflections, inspiration and views on type, fonts and typography. These two shining submissions grabbed our attention and we just had to pass them along to you. (Plus they win prizes for sending their thoughts!)
Send in YOUR thoughts!

Bookshelf: Most Important Typography Books

Fred reviews his top book selections for a well-rounded education in typography and graphic design using type, fonts and lettering. Each of these books represents a solid, authoritative aspect of typographic education. If you don't have these on your bookshelf, shame on you.
Get them before they go out of print!

Type: Which type styles are best?

Which type face to use has been a frequent question since there were fonts... and particularly with the advent of desktop publishing. Everyone is a designer, but not everyone knows
which fonts to use.

Design: Art & Creative tidbits

This is the beginnings of regular blog postings where I look at trends, and hot spots in the creative's world. This issue's creative notes include:
* Exploring Type-Creation Software
* Connecting Brands to People
* Combining Fonts
* What the iPad is Missing
* Sketchbook randoms
* Mysterious Disorder Type ... and more
Design: Art & Creative tidbits

Photoshop Madness: Cool Text Effects

After all the heat of the summer, it's time to cool down with this edition of Photoshop Madness -- create two movie posters, one from the Avatar Movie, and the other from the Deadliest Catch. Then we enjoy the ubiquitous Aqua Text Effect (again), and delve into Photoshop's Displacement Mapping. We'll wrap it up with a serving of Ice cream and several others!
Photoshop Madness: Cool Text Effects

Web Design: Choosing a Web Hosting Plan

This month's guest article by Vanessa Davis will help both existing and prospective webmasters select and decide on a hosting service for their web site. First, however, I would like to preface the article with a few of my hard-learned tips
Web Design: Choosing a Web Hosting Plan

Desktop Publishing: Type on the Grid using Adobe InDesign

For many students and educators, the Bauhaus has become a symbolic point of entry to art and design education. ... here you learn about the GRID, by Michael Mandiberg, and Xtine Burrough
Desktop Publishing: Type on the Grid using Adobe InDesign

Desktop Publishing: : Creating Pages using InDesign CS5

In this excerpt from Real World Adobe InDesign CS5, Olav Martin Kvern, David Blatner and Bob Bringhurst illustrate how to create multiple page sizes in the same document
-- a feature that people have been requesting for years

Graphic Design: Interactive Documents using InDesign

Olav Martin Kvern and David Blatner explain InDesign's features for the "rich media" producer. Many of these tools don't produce any visible effect on your InDesign pages, but change the behavior of PDF or Flash SWF files that you export. . .
Interactive Documents using InDesign

The Design Bookshelf... TOO MUCH

I say too much because I'm still trying to keep this newsletter under 20K, and August's "Back to Design School" brought so many outstanding educational opportunities, if I included them all the newsletter would be 100K! So here, I'll just list them:
* Photoshop CS5 and Lightroom 3
* Photography for the Web - get those images right
* To Photoshop or Not to Photoshop - Xtine Burrough (Chapter)

Business, Education
* Fast Track Networking with expert Lucy Rosen
* How to do a GSA Proposal
* LPI Linux Certification
* Programming Windows Azure
* Designing Great iPhone Apps

Web Design:
* Dreamweaver CS5 - revamp an existing site
* Building the Realtime User Experience
* Getting Started with Processing
* Web Operations
* Web 3.0 Marketing - execute a Web 3.0 campaign
* CS5: Multiple Graphics in a Grid of Frames (Chapter)

Full Chapters or articles:
* CS5: Type on the Grid - Michael Mandiberg, Xtine Burrough
* CS5: Using the Magic Wand Tool - Adobe Creative Team
* CS5: InDesign Creating Pages - Olav Martin Kvern, David Blatner
* CS5: Making Corrections in Photoshop - Brie Gyncild
* CS5: Photoshop Color Correction - Richard Harrington
* InDesign: Interactive Documents - David Blatner
* After Effects CS5 Top Five Features - Mark Christiansen
* HTML Pocket Guide: Lists - Bruce Hyslop

They're all in the Design Bookshelf, or just search for any of the above titles or keywords to go to the exact article.
Find them all at the Designers' Bookshelf

Publishing & Media Update

Blog postings following the trends in publishing both on paper and the web! This issue looks at * Newspapers? Dying? Social media? Rising? * Adobe may transform content management industry * Dismiss the rate hike? * Why metadata matters for the future of e-books * Apple as middle-man troubles magazine publishers * New York Times free help for publishers? ... and more
Publishing & Media Update

&Else : all the news postings:

no list this time folks, there's just too many!
But here's the listing ...

September : it's all about type

You've all probably heard of Adrian Frutiger, the world famous type designer. He sort of summed it up when he once said:

     "If you remember the shape of your spoon at lunch,
      it has to be the wrong shape.
      The spoon and the letter are tools ;
      one to take food from the bowl,
      the other to take information off the page...
      When it is a good design, the reader has to feel comfortable
      because the letter is both banal and beautiful."

As we investigate and celebrate the world of typography and fonts, we focus intensely on them as their own entity -- which they are. However, as I've said many times before ... always remember the lesson I learned from the famous Jan White:
      Typography should be invisible.

We can all love and savor good type, fonts and typography. But remember that it's the designer's ultimate challenge to make your typography invisible. The reader should simply be drawn into the information purveyed by the typography; effortlessly and without awareness that they are reading. The information should be absorbed and understood. Anything in the design or typography that calls attention to itself as "type" or "typography" during the reading experience, is NOT good typography!

THE PUBLISHERS' WAREHOUSE this month brings over 200 individual legacy and vintage typeographic configurations -- all for your downloading pleasure -- spread across 60 or so pages. The loading dock folks have also brought in a new collection of vintage woodcuts. If you don't get the clue, you can
get the location of the loading dock
September is brought to you by the letter 'S

Congratulations to our contributing designers and prize winners this month. Hey guys, send your mailing address so I can send you a bundle of goodies!

As for September ... as old Ben would say :
"Write something worth doing, or do something worth writing!"

Have a great month, and stay in touch.

Thanks for reading...

Fred Showker

Fred Showker, Editor / Publisher, DT&G Magazine

Thought for September:
      " Calligraphy reveals such different aspects of the human being as
      moral virtues, personal opinion of the beauty,
      and also immediate feelings
      of the minute.
      It helps leave a large footprint on the sands of time. "
            Samvel Vanoyan

What did you miss last month?

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