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by Andrea Alstad

Metallic paper for the holidays

Wausau PaperDISCOVER DAZZLING HOLIDAY DESIGNS with metallics! Whether you’re working on holiday greeting cards, invitations or holiday-inspired promotional pieces, there is a material that is sure to add a flare of holiday cheer: metallic paper. Metallic's sparkling attributes reflect the glistening snow, shiny tree ornaments, and illuminating holiday lights. Incorporating a little sparkle is easy to do, bringing interest, texture, color and elegance to your work.

Metallics are beautiful and sophisticated, truly adding a layer of visual interest and depth to design. Its optical brilliance is quick to grab the attention of an audience, giving your project the extra admiration it deserves. With a variety of color, weight and size selections, the design possibilities with metallic paper are endless, adding a dazzling finish to your project.

holiday greeting cards

Try the following tips and techniques to bring out a different facet of the holiday season to attract the most attention to your projects.

Cool Blue. As one of the most popular color choices during the dark winter months, blue is an excellent choice for holiday designs. Create a peaceful scene of a starry night sky using white ink atop a midnight blue metallic stock. You can also try using yellow, silver or a light green ink to add a colorful contrast and a bit of holiday cheer.
Paper Suggestion: Royal Metallics® Majestic Blue™

Silver Bells. Ring in the holidays with a shimmery silver backdrop. Mimicking the shine of diamonds and crystals, a metallic silver stock is a simple yet sophisticated way for your design to get noticed. For a more subtle design, consider using a rich black or charcoal grey ink. To add a lively flare, try a deep red or vibrant green.
Paper Suggestion: Royal Metallics® White Silver™ and Chalice Silver™

tips and techniques for the holiday season

White Snowfall. Fall in love with the ‘au natural’ approach of a sparkly off-white stock. Using neutral shades with enhanced visual elements adds a layer of depth, interest and appeal. What’s more is that nearly every color on the spectrum is a perfect complement. Try printing vibrant, attention-getting hues to truly captivate your audience, or create a serene landscape with deep, rich inks, such as brown, gold, violet or teal.
Paper Suggestion: Royal Metallics® White Gold™ and Champagne Pearl™

Wausau Paper, Royal Metallics Golden Rings. All that glitters is gold, and gold metallic paper is a great way to add a festive glitz to your design. For a majestic appeal, print white or cream graphics and text over the gold substrate. To bring out gold’s courageous associations, use bold ink tones, such as deep blue, turquoise, royal purple or zesty red.
Paper Suggestion: Royal Metallics® Gold Dust™ and King’s Gold™

Designing with metallic paper is a simple way to capture the season’s spirit. So spread the joy and dazzle your audience with a printed piece that pops.

Design Paper Fold Cut Royal Metallics®
Design Paper Fold Cut For more information, visit www.wausaupaper.com.

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Andrea Alstad, Wausau PaperAndrea Alstad is the manager of strategic markets, print and color for the paper segment of Wausau Paper, a leading manufacturer of colored uncoated printing and imaging papers. For more information, visit www.wausaupaper.com.


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