New Year for Publishing

by Fred Showker

Fred Showker's Publishing Update Another year has come to an end, and a new year is about to start -- is your publishing act together? Here's some help:
* Ebooks' popularity is rewriting the sales story
* 4 ways jumbo postcards can help boost business
* In defense of print: 10 great resources
* 10 principles of writing for the Web
* 5 Day Delivery FAQs
* Beware the Kindle
and more ...

Beware the Kindle

Worlds may collide if the e-reader continues to advance rapidly in the marketplace. Certainly, e-readers represent an enormous breakthrough in reading technology. And the jump from paper to e-reader is nothing less than revolutionary.
      This could benefit publisher and consumer alike. So where do the "colliding worlds" come into the picture? And just what worlds are they?
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Ebooks' popularity is rewriting the sales story

eBooks, once considered the new kids in town, are shaking up the world of publishing with surging sales. Despite surges in new technology and strong e-reader and e-book sales, print books are holding their own; publishers see them as key for the future.
      The numbers tell the story: Random House, the USA's largest publisher, says more than 20% of U.S. revenue in the first half of this year were from digital sales.
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10 principles of writing for the Web

Writing for the Web is more about the presentation than the content itself, but it does require a shift in thinking and some mechanical changes to printed prose. To boost your association website's readership, try applying these simple rules.
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4 ways jumbo postcards can help boost business

Jumbo postcards have the ability to stand out in mailboxes and get noticed. Simply due to their size, they demand more attention than a standard postcard and are less likely to get lost in the pile of mass-produced coupon mailers most consumers receive on a daily basis. Using this medium in unexpected and interesting ways can increase the probability that a business will make a lasting impression on existing and prospective customers.
      Here are some ways you can use jumbo postcards as part of your local marketing strategy to positively affect business and foster customer loyalty: Boost traffic to your website or social media properties online
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5 Day Delivery FAQs

The prospect of the U.S. Postal Service moving to five-day delivery is looking more like a reality, now that President Obama has endorsed it and a House panel has approved legislation to lose one day of mail delivery. Mailers have plenty of questions about five-day postal delivery; here are some answers to just a few.
      CAUTION Careful, this site has lots of screen spam, and ads sprinkled in the content stream.
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In defense of print: 10 great resources

Margie Dana writes :
      Over the past few weeks I've gotten many requests for resources to help customers articulate why printing is the 'right' choice when deciding on media. More and more, print specifiers feel pressured to defend print as environmentally friendly.
      They need facts at their fingertips when building a case for print. That's the motivation behind today's Print Tip. I am committed to building out our site's Resources section. This will be just the beginning.
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