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Fred Showker's blog covering news, views, and reviews in the print media and publishing worldIn this edition, we've gathered some of the more interesting items in the publishing channels. Mark Dolliver writes 'What People Think of the Ad/PR Biz' ; Theodore F. di Stefano asks do e-readers spell the end of print media? Also, Six Reasons Print Belongs in Your Media Mix ; The FTC's Green Guidelines ; and do you think ads be coming to book publishing industry? Read along and remember to send in your discoveries!

What People Think of the Ad/PR Biz

About 36% of respondents voiced a negative view
      People in advertising and public relations can feel a bit smug next time they meet with clients in the airline, pharmaceutical or banking industries. In a Gallup poll this month that asked adults whether their overall view of various sectors is negative or positive, the "advertising and public relations industry" fared better than those other businesses.
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E-Readers Spell the End of Print Media?

With the rising popularity of e-readers and other devices that can allow users to comfortably read anything from short newspaper articles to full-length novels on screens rather than pages, the print media industry faces a painful shakeup.
      With a sound business model, though, there is no doubt that it can make the transformation into e-media in a rather seamless fashion.
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Six Reasons Print Belongs in Your Media Mix

(or Why Digital Popularity Brings Print Opportunity) Just because marketers are jumping on the interactive-marketing bandwagon in droves doesn't mean that things on the interactive side are all rosy.
      Sure, with the rise in popularity of email, websites, video, social media, mobile apps, behavioral targeting, etc., magazine advertising and direct mail have seen a steady decline, ad-supported magazines are diminishing, and costs and environmental concerns have taken a toll on direct mail.
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FTC Green Guidelines May Leave Marketers Red-Faced

Experts Say Pending Guides Could Upend Efforts, Make Some 300 Environmental Seals of Approval Unsustainable. Attention marketers: Within the next few weeks, you may be recasting your entire green-marketing strategy.
      Right now on the desks of Federal Trade Commissioners is the new set of so-called Green Guides that are used by the FTC to guide enforcement of existing laws. They are the first environmental-marketing guidelines in 12 years and could radically reshape how far marketers can go in painting their products, packaging or even corporate images green.
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Could Ads Be Coming to Book Publishing Industry?

Book lovers who half reluctantly, half excitedly made the switch to the Kindle or other e-reader device - eager for the ease of use and other convenience features but half guilty about giving up the 'printed' page - may be horrified to learn what could be coming to their beloved books, if the authors of a Wall Street Journal editorial are right: ads.

AP Stops Fighting Bloggers, Plans To Credit Them As News Source

Only two years ago, the Associated Press tried to stop bloggers from using their content. Threatening to charge sites that used their content and demaned that The Drudge Reports pull headlines and story briefs from their site.
      But now AP is singing a different song - saying this week that they will credit bloggers for any stories they break.

Digital Directions : Tiers Without Fears

Why you should pay attention to technology layers.
      Complex systems, such as digital publishing platforms, are composed of a number of components that work together. Software architects often think of these components as being arranged in layers, or "tiers," like a layer cake. While there is a lack of consensus as to how these tiers should be defined, there is strong convergence around one particular flavor of this layer cake.
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