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Fred Showker's Publishing Update The world of design publishing marches on, and here are some essential finds:
* Newspapers erect pay walls in hunt for new revenue
* Readers respond to newspapers digital ads
* Printers bridging the gap to cross-media
* Publishers take on the pressing issue
* A whole new world for book publishing
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Printers bridging the gap to cross-media

Personalised emails whizzing into customers' inboxes, text messages popping up a couple of days later to remind them to act on the email, and pieces of attractive print landing on doorsteps to really seal the deal - this form of cross-media assault is the staple of any successful marketing campaign these days.
      Providing such a service involves purchasing the complex software to co-ordinate all of the various marketing streams and track responses; and acquiring the required new skills, new attitudes and new branding to use that software successfully. Understandably, then, managing campaigns has generally been the preserve of the bigger print operations. This may be about to change.

Publishers take on the pressing issue

The familiar look of a crowded newsstand belies the fact that magazine publishing is going through a period of enormous change, and that means equally big changes for printers and other suppliers to the sector.
      The recent ABC consumer magazine results showed what a torrid time some publishers are having. Although overall circulation rose by 1.4%, within the figures there are wild fluctuations across different brands and sectors. The once-booming lads' mags sector, for example, is now in freefall, with double-digit falls for Nuts, Zoo, FHM and Loaded.
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Newspapers erect pay walls in hunt for new revenue

Newspapers are returning to a business strategy that served them well in the heyday of street-corner newsboys shouting the front-page news. They're enticing people with a little free online content before asking them to pay up.
      After years of offering news for free, a growing number of newspapers around the country have launched so-called metered pay walls, which give readers a few free stories online before requiring them to sign up for a digital subscription. About 300 newspapers have adopted such plans, which usually give subscribers some mix of Web, smartphone and tablet computer access.
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A whole new world for book publishing

It truly is a whole new world for book publishing. No matter where you are - at the beach, on an airplane, or in the subway - you will see people with their Kindles or iPads. Just a few years ago, traditional companies were more frightened of this transformation than excited about the opportunity.
      Today, this has reversed. Printers, publishers, booksellers, distributors and agents have embraced the new technologies and are retooling their businesses to accommodate a world of digital and printed books. More
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Readers respond to newspapers digital ads

Consumers who read digital newspaper content respond to digital advertising as well, according to a new survey commissioned by the Newspaper Association of America and performed by Frank N. Magid Associates.
      Among digital newspaper media consumers, the NAA-Magid survey found that 66 percent said they act on digital ads displayed with the newspaper content, while 61 percent of tablet users said they act on newspaper tablet ads, and 59 percent of smartphone users respond to ads with newspaper content viewed on those devices.
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