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by Fred Showker

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10 tips for migrating technical content from print to digital

Here are some things to consider when beginning the digitization process of lengthy scientific and technical books, standards, proceedings, and journals.
      Association in the scientific, technical, and medical fields are often publishers of books, monographs, standards, symposia, conference proceedings and scholarly journals that need to transition from print to a web-based delivery system, including mobile apps. However, as the demand for digital products varies from publisher to publisher, there is no single formula for planning your digital future.
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Newspapers Cut Days From Publishing Week

The news waits for no one. But newspapers might start asking readers to -- at least for print copies.
      Almost two weeks ago, The Times-Picayune in New Orleans, which is owned by Advance Publications, announced that it would cut back its print schedule to just three days a week. Within hours, its sister publications The Birmingham News, The Press-Register of Mobile and The Huntsville Times followed suit.
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The chart that explains media's addiction to print

The past few weeks have seen some fairly dramatic moves by newspaper chains in both the U.S. and Canada, who have chosen to stop printing their papers on certain days in an attempt to save money.
      But in most cases this has been a result of what Ken Doctor has called a 'forced march' towards digital, rather than a choice to embrace the online world at the expense of print. A single chart used by veteran internet analyst Mary Meeker in a presentation this week illustrates why that decision is so difficult

What happens when a newspaper is just another digital voice?

The fact that print is declining as a medium for journalism, and that newspapers are going to have to deal with that in a variety of ways, was brought home with a thud recently when Advance Publications and Postmedia announced they would no longer print some of their papers on certain days, in order to save money.
      In the case of the New Orleans Times-Picayune, the loss of the printed version of the paper three days a week has been criticized as almost a dereliction of public duty by the paper's owner -- as though something digital doesn't have as much force as the printed version. As more newspapers are forced to make similar decisions, what impact will that have on their ability to serve a public purpose as an information source about the community?
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