Unique import into InDesign, InCopy

by Fred Showker

For some time, desktop publishers have wrestled with the chore of importing content from one source into another. Back in the '90s, one of my seminars was "Repurposing Content" which taught how to build a FileMaker Pro database to do exactly this. Now, InPorter is a server-side utility makes it all so simple

Adobe InDesignInPorter 2.0, streamlines and automates the process of moving content into K4. InPorter handles any kind of object that can be managed in the K4 system, including InCopy articles, InDesign layouts, photos, ads, and more. Version 2.0 includes support for reading XMP content embedded in files being "InPorted" into the workflow.

When content arrives in a watched folder, InPorter automatically checks it into the K4 database, applying the default metadata defined for that content type, or using custom metadata read from an XML-based job ticket or, with Version 2.0, from embedded XMP. The content is immediately ready to proceed through its normal K4 workflow.

inporter imports to InDesign and InCopy

XMP is an Adobe-developed labeling technology that makes it possible to embed descriptive metadata into a file. It is designed to provide desktop applications and back-end publishing systems with a simple, standards-based means to share meaningful information about a file for efficient content management.

InPorter 2.0 has been optimized for sites working with XMP, a core component of several publishing formats such as Photoshop files, PDFs, InDesign documents and Adobe Illustrator content. This new compatibility also enhances automated data exchange between K4 and XMP-capable digital asset management systems.

InPorter 2.0 MEI InPorter 2.0
MEI InPorter 2.0 K4 Publishing System

The vjoon K4 Publishing System is a flexible, scalable solution that allows publishing professionals to manage their design and editorial workflows and deliver multimedia content to a variety of output channels - print, online and other electronic formats. With its multi-level security controls, open architecture and robust customization options, K4 provides a transparent and secure production workflow environment for individual workgroups or entire publishing enterprises. K4 is a product of vjoon GmbH of Hamburg, Germany. With more than 350 systems installed in publishing houses, agencies and magazines worldwide, K4 has already revolutionized the editorial workflow for more than 17,000 users. MEI is the exclusive distributor of K4 in the Americas, with more than 150 installations managing nearly 9,800 users.

MEI, Managing Editor Inc. is an industry leader in the development of quality, proven software solutions for the evolving publishing industry. The Page Director Series of Advertising and Classified Layout Systems, K4 Cross-Media Publishing Platform, Integrated Production Suite (IPS) and IPS AdTrac deliver automated pagination, workflow and digital asset management solutions to newspaper and magazine publishers, as well as to other print and electronic publishing markets. MEI is an Adobe premier development partner and has twice been named a laureate of the Computerworld Smithsonian Collections. Additional information regarding MEI's products and services can be found on the company's Web site.

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