DTG April 2010

by Fred Showker

APRIL 2010

Springtime, colors and more Designing Women Month are our features this month! Is your fancy turning to thoughts of love?

Integrating the spring color theme into the last of our Designing Women this month holds tremendous promise. All four features are wonderful examples of talent in the highest degree. Next week, we'll move on with several great pieces on 'Color Logos' and 'Color traps' so you'll want to stay tuned all month. (Or, watch the RSS and Twitter feeds!)

Did you whitelist www.DTGnews.com last month? You need to do that ... and now, on with April:

Our Friends Rock in April!

Thanks to everyone who subscribed this month-- and welcome aboard. Special thanks goes out to all our friends who continue linking to us, and working to make this a better world for graphic designers! A super big thanks goes out to our supporters this month, Mash Bonigala and all the folks at logodesignworks.com, and for the 5th year in a row, the awesome folks at www.Artlandia.com -- who have some very exciting news which I'll be posting later next week! Bravo folks, you ROCK!

Jessica Hische: Caps to Captivate

Three wonderful designing women this month, all directly related to type and typography. Jessica Hische is the genius behind "Drop Caps of the Day" and a host of other delightful dreams in type, lettering, calligraphy and typography! You're going to enjoy this trip. . .

Carol Kemp: Fresh Typography

When we talk about "fresh" in the graphic arts world, it generally means new and alive and visually exciting... it also means Carol Kemp!

Xandra Zamora: calligraphic hands

Designing Women presents Xandra Y. Zamora, a master at calligraphy, hand lettering, and classic styled quill work! If you've ever tried quill work, or calligraphy, then you won't want to miss this inspiration in hand lettering

Photoshop: Photos Out of Bounds

Designing Woman, Adri, brings us this great Photoshop Tutorial that shows you how to make your photo subject jump out of the photo, and into another. It's a new handling of an age old technique in Photoshop, brought to life by this wonderful young designer.

Photoshop Madness : Designing Women

Photoshop Madness this month took us out onto the web in search of extraordinary women Photoshoppers ... and we found hundreds! These are just a few... also some Photoshop freebies as well! Photoshop Madness... it's a jungle out there

Photoshop: color, space, time, inspiration

Ten examples of superb photo retouching and manipulation using Photoshop, color, shape, form, motion, time, place, space, to evoke emotion, passion and exciting visual imagery. A wonderful collection of graphic arts talent to soak up.

Photoshop: Flaming Text Tutorials

Dirty Dozen Photoshop tutorials for very hot, flaming, sparkling, burning, magma, inferno typography text effects! Whew! I'm sweating from all this heat

60-Seconds: Evil Twitter Tweets

It's a jungle out there, I always say in my Photoshop Madness column. But when I mentioned it on FaceBook, Jeff Fisher and several others didn't seem to believe it. Then I get this flaming email about my incessant warnings! So I stalked a stalker from Twitter just to prove (Sorry, this one will take a lot longer than 60-seconds!) ... it's a jungle out there!

Tutorial: adding color to black and white

This Photoshop 911 case called for adding a spot color to a black and white photo -- yes, the technique works, but -- Some Photoshop techniques just don't work if the photo doesn't lend itself to the effect! Photoshop Tutorial

It's Your Money

And, what color is it? GREEN? Tax season is upon us, and there's nothing you can do to save last year, but for next year, take some sage advice from J.D. Roth on saving money, and spending money the right way ...

Gallo Fonts for Spring

Mr. Gallo is back, just in time for spring, with a collection of great display fonts to give your publications a classic period look! Classic Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Gothic and even a 'grunge' Gothic! Enjoy! Gallo Display for April

Colorful Approach to Font Organization

Veenix Technologies has rolled out an innovative new approach to font organization which sorts fonts by energy and ranks them using an associative color -- for Macs!

Does this web site suck?

One of the hot topics in the WebDesign & Review forum is a Disability web site(1) -- where the author needs help, but defends the solutions. Maybe you can help out. Another one getting a lot of feedback is a Carpte Cleaning site(2) ... but there are plenty of sites to peek at, and LOTS of sites that suck needing your designers' eye to help them out!
1 - http://www.dtg-forums.com/forum/showthread.php?t=982
2 - http://www.dtg-forums.com/forum/showthread.php?t=3913
Log in and see if you can lend a helping hand. Or, perhaps you'd like feedback on your site!

Forums: Shooting Glass Objects

A forum subscriber posted this problem, with shooting a glass object against a background:
> I have a newspaper advertisement that I need to get out TOMOROW.
> I work in a bong shop so a lot of the stuff I work with is glass.
> My problem is when you take a picture of glass, it shows whatever
> is in the background. And for the advertisement my background is
> a brick wall. as an example the attached picture, how do i
> retain the highlights and shape of the picture while making
> it so the background can be visible? I work with photoshop cs3

YOU are the exact reader I wrote THIS article for :

Pay particular attention to the part about the "Sweep" ... You can buy an oversized sheet of gray background paper or even poster board and set it up like the diagrams in the article

Mailbag: Edible Packaging

Rosaline Mills passed along this tidbit -- it's nice to know that even the computer industry is beginning to move toward "green" packaging...
> Intego has announced that the company's packaging
> materials will now be made from organically-grown,
> edible materials. Using rice- and soy-based packaging,
> and vegetable-based inks, all of Intego's boxes will
> be derived from organic raw materials, and will be edible. Chow down!

Mailbag: Play movies on your charge card?

The graphic design world is about to transform again! Here comes PRINTED electronic displays on packaging! It's called NanoChromics and it could radically change the way the world looks at paper. Irish startup, NTERA has debuted a nanotechnology to cost-effectively mass produce electronic displays on a vast array of paper, packaging, ticket and/or greeting card products. The future is coming ...

Site of the Month: That Guy Who Draws Things

Doug is from Grand Haven, MI., and not only authored a (long) article about learning to draw, but some very good tutorials as well.
      Doug has listed DTG among some pretty prestigious design web sites, too! Wow! It's always nice to know we're appreciated enough to take the trouble of adding a link. Unfortunately, of the thousands of sites that link to graphic-design.com, only a slight number actually take the time to click the 'contact' button to tell us. Sorry for that -- unless we know, we can't thank you, and link back. We're mailing Doug a little "thank you" gift, and including him on our "friends" page. Check out Doug's blog ... I think you'll like it, and his thoughtful article "Draw on Yourself"

&Else! News

The news mill is as relentless as the Energizer Bunny, and we like to share the ones that offer you the most promise of a good time, or graphic design benefit ... in this issue:
* African American Independent Comics
* Task time tracking? Are you in business?
* The DreamWeaver Killer for Mac OS X?
* Fast, Automated Scanning for Mac OS X
* Zen and the Magic of Photography
* Canon EOS Flash Photography for Digital cameras
* Digital photography assistant
* Precision wireframe drafting for Mac
* PHYX Keyer for Adobe After Effects
Just click on any "news" tag to go and see &Else!

April : Put the top down!

Yes, the good news is days now popping up where you can put the top down!

The bad news is: the Tax Man is coming. Oh no! Don't worry, you should be proud to pay taxes. Otherwise, what would politicians and the drive-by media have to talk about?

After last month's blast, I was a little disappointed in the turn-out for our new FaceBook Group. It's looking like this community has not embraced Facebook or Twitter the way others have. That's okay. I like the traditional web, and our forums better for graphic design content. I do invite you to join us though -- it's a lot more 'immediate' than traditional web venues, and is a lot of fun.

The Spring Color theme will through April, so, nominate your favorite "spring colors" register yourself. Keep those submissions and emails coming.

April is brought to you by the color SPRING GREEN ... first as a color name in English was in 1766
* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spring_green_(color)

April is brought to you by the Letter A : http://ow.ly/1tyuG

Looking forward: to spread the word about graphic arts, we always ask:
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Thanks for reading...

      Fred Showker

Fred Showker, Editor / Publisher, DT&G Magazine

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Thoughts for April about TAXES and LOVE:

"As a taxpayer, you are required to be fully in compliance with the United States Tax Code, which is currently the size and weight of the Budweiser Clydesdales."
            ~ Dave Barry

In the Spring a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love."
            ~ Lord Alfred Tennyson


PS: I've had a number of inquires looking for The Publishers Warehouse.
For nearly 20 years, ever since we stopped charging a subscription fee
for DTG, we used the free and cool stuff in the Warehouse as an incentive
to subscribe to the newsletter. You subscribe, you get in. So just making
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So, somewhere up there in the Editor's
message I mention the April color. There you go. :-)




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