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by Fred Showker

Welcome to August


  1. August 2010
  2. Visual Story Telling in Photoshop
  3. Hot Photoshop Text Effects Part 3
  4. Adobe Illustrator tutorial : Briefcase
  5. Adobe CS5 Learning Center
  6. CS5 : What's missing?
  7. Adobe CS5 with the big boys
  8. 60 seconds: Publishing, Content and Media
  9. Understanding Portrait Photography
  10. Learn Photography from the pros
  11. Site of the Month: Sandie.net
  12. Back to super backgrounds
  13. Mailbag: Kill White
  14. Web trends movers and shakers
  15. Social Media tracks
  16. Canon Camera Hackers Manual
  17. Name Tagging
  18. The Computer Forensics Show
  19. September: FALL FONTS FESTIVAL
  20. August is back to school

August 2010

August is here and pretty soon you'll be seeing those design and visual arts students heading back to class. Every year we gather up our favorite training and learning content to contribute to the back to school season. Come on in and learn something ...

Visual Story Telling in Photoshop

Take a look at these world-class artists who utilized Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Painter or other image editing and retouching software for some of the best ever visual story telling you'll find. This is true creative inspiration!

Hot Photoshop Text Effects Part 3

Here's the last of our hot, flaming, Photoshop text tutorials for a while... whew -- another set of tutorials for designing type with warm, glowing results. Enjoy ... in the Photoshop department

Adobe Illustrator tutorial : Briefcase

There just aren't enough Adobe Illustrator tutorials on the web! I guess it's because the hacks can do easy stuff in Photoshop ... but Illustrator takes expertise and real work! Here's another one from our PS FAVE IconLibrary -- learning to make a shiny icon in Illustrator

Adobe CS5 Learning Center

Back to (Adobe CS5) School this month picks the best of the crop of desktop learning and education for the Adobe Creative Suite programs -- mainly Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign

CS5 : What's missing?

What's missing from the box? Well, Adobe's training is very good. But, Lesa Snider has gone way beyond the call of duty for you, and brings you this all-inclusive tome of fresh, enjoyable, and high-energy learning.

Adobe CS5 with the big boys

ARE YOU READY TO LEARN WITH THE BIG BOYS? If not, you can continue to our next CS5 bookshelf. But if you are up to time-tested and proven educational learning, this is your spot -- folks, this is the major league and once you dig in here - you're playing with the big boys!

60 seconds: Publishing, Content and Media

Is printing dead? Do you buy printing -- or broker printing for clients? This 60-Second Window kicks off August with a look at printing, publishing, media and the continuing art of putting ink on paper

Understanding Portrait Photography

Most people think they can take a good portrait -- until they see theirs next to one by Glenn Rand or Tim Meyer. Then the amateur portrait sort of wilts away. Now you can learn from Glenn and Tim in this blockbuster new book

Learn Photography from the pros

It's difficult to believe how much your photos can improve with some very simple and easy to learn tricks the professionals use. No, you don't necessarily need thousands of dollars worth of equipment and extravagant commercial photo studios -- just a little instruction!

Site of the Month: Sandie.net

Sandie's art "Freedom" has been selected from the incoming submissions as the winner in our "WHAT DOES FREEDOM MEAN TO YOU" theme contest for JULY.

Sandie's studios are in Indiana, U.S.A., and she'll be receiving a stack of graphic design and publishing arts books from the Design Bookshelf collection of superb titles. Sandie is a multimedia artist who lives and works in the Heartland. She is a self-taught artist who has been in the visual communications fields for over 30 years.
SEE Sandie's work full size
and visit Sandie at : sandie.net

Mailbag: Kill White

Kill White is a Photoshop Filter that actively removes all white from an image (unlike the 'Multiply' blend mode), leaving the rest of the image - whether the image is black-and-white or color. Thanks to Mike Simburger and Yael Maritz for sending this in.

Web trends movers and shakers

Tracking the illusive web trend leads us down assorted paths in this issue ... Why a Lack of Web ad Standards Hurts Us Online? Why No One is Linking to You ... and at last, Yahoo Publishes a Web content style guide ... in
60 Second Windows

Social Media tracks

This media track covers some interesting news, both new and from several months ago that all graphic designers and online designers should be aware of -- including: * 13 essential social media lessons * Measuring Social Media * Social media rules of engagement * What social media will look like in 2012 * Senator: Questions Facebook on Privacy * Eight steps for creating your social media policy ... in the
Web Design resources department

Canon Camera Hackers Manual

Here's one for you "geeky" owners of Canon consumer cameras, such as the Powershot and IXUS, who would like to explore the possibilities of your cameras

Name Tagging

You've seen our graffiti books reviews, now Martha is back with another eye-popping new photo book on -- are you ready for this -- name tags!

The Computer Forensics Show

Speaking of education ... for some companies, it is not a question of if one of their computers will be used as evidence in a legal matter; it is a question of when. Learn the 'ropes' of legal, IT, and accounting forensics The Computer Forensics Show


Yes, it's that time of year again -- next month we'll kick off our 16th Annual FALL FONTS FESTIVAL with anything and everything for lovers of fonts, type, typography, logotype, typographs, monograms, and more.

You can win some valuable prizes, perhaps even the all new "Fall Fonts Festival" just for sharing your reflections, tips, or treasures in fonts, and typography...
make sure you register to WIN

August is back to school

Over the next week or so watch for these new titles entering the Design Center:
* Web trends movers and shakers
* To Photoshop or Not to Photoshop
* CS5: Type on the Grid
* CS5: Multiple Graphics in a Grid of Frames
* CS5: Using the Magic Wand Tool
* Photoshop CS5: Making Corrections
* Photoshop CS5: Color Correction
* InDesign CS5: Creating Pages
* InDesign: Interactive Documents
* After Effects CS5 Top Five Features
* Learning HTML Lists ...
Catch up with all the latest at &ELSE

* August is brought to you by the color "Red, Rose, Pink"
... because July was so hot I couldn't believe it!
* August is also brought to you by the letter A

Don't forget to visit the Loading Dock of the Publishers' Warehouse -- those guys have uploaded literally hundreds of new clip art images, so be sure to click the clip art link. There's also a whole new slew of retro art and Photoshop PDF tutorials you can download.

As for August ... go out there and learn something.
Better yet, go out there and teach someone something

Have a great month, and stay in touch.

Thanks for reading...

Fred Showker

Fred Showker, Editor / Publisher, DT&G Magazine

Thought for August:

      "Education is an ornament in prosperity
        and a refuge in adversity."

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