DTG News for December, 2011

by Fred Showker

DTG Newsletter ~ Vol. 21, #12 ~ December, 2011

  1. Another Year Gone By
  2. A gift from Artlandia
  3. Photoshop Free Photos Madness
  4. Tutorial: Photoshop Christmas Tag
  5. Tutorial: Illustrator Gift-wrapped box
  6. Festive printed designs
  7. A Deeper Look at Creating Stronger Images
  8. Top apps for web designers 1111
  9. Gallery: Not Photoshop
  10. Bookshelf: The Unruly Alphabet
  11. 60 seconds: Websites that suck
  12. 60 seconds: Google Plus ... maybe
  13. Holiday Shopping Pulse Study
  14. Creative Tidbits: Concepts
  15. Publishing Update 1111
  16. Social Media Update 1111-16
  17. History of The Wedding Invitation
  18. &Else: Convert InDesign To Quark
  19. Please Pick up your holiday Gifts
  20. 2011 Dash away, dash away all

Another Year Gone By

Well, here we are again, another perfectly wonderful year flown by faster than we can remember. This was a good year, and an eventful one. We're thrilled that readership has grown, both in the site and on FaceBook. We're not thrilled that while readership has increased, participation has decreased. So make a new year's resolution to send in your portfolio samples, or in some way participate in your design center!

More and more will be added all through the month -- dig in and stay tuned.

A gift from Artlandia

Artlandia, makers of those fabulous pattern generators for Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator have joined DT&G for the holidays with a special 15% off their awesome products. Artlandia has been a long-time supporter of the design center and their products are top drawer.
      Our special coupon code is DTG2011 -- key that in if you purchase Artlandia in order to get the discount!
GO SymetryWorks
GO SymetryShop

Photoshop Free Photos Madness

'Tis the season for some foraging for free stuff, and recently someone asked PS 911 where the best "free" photos and art could be found. YES ... again this is Photoshop Madness because there are some good ones --
GO but as usual, there are some very bad ones as well!

Tutorial: Photoshop Christmas Tag

Ainsley is back with her second great tutorial to follow the gift wrap tutorial ... this time, we're
GO making holiday tags using Photoshop! Enjoy

Tutorial: Illustrator Gift-wrapped box

Here's another of those great tutorials in Adobe Illustrator from Ainsley Bevis. This time it's a gift-wrapped icon, perfect for the holidays, birthdays, or where ever you need gift wrapping. This is the first of three, so watch this column for the next ones.
GO For now, get started

Festive printed designs

Whether you’re working on holiday greeting cards, invitations or holiday-inspired promotional pieces, there is a material that is sure to add a flare of holiday cheer: metallic paper. Andrea Alstad is back with another of her great articles on
GO designing with paper

A Deeper Look at Creating Stronger Images

This is one of those photographic experiences that totally turns your head around and foces you to look through a difference perspective ... and I'm telling you, it's a spectacular view from here ...
GO don't miss this one

Top apps for web designers 1111

Here's a collection of the most recommended new apps for designers who may design web sites. We're scouring the app universe looking for apps that will enhance your design operations. . .
* Quick access to Google Analytics statistics
* Terminal gets multiple panes
* Anxiety lightweight To-do
* Mac database management
* Flash movie extractor
* LittleIpsum
... and more.
GO But it's just the beginning.

Gallery: Not Photoshop

Want a doll for Christmas? How about one of these -- some of the most incredible art work and craftsmanship I've ever seen!. I mean, I can't hardly believe this guy's work ...
GO I think you'll be amazed too!

Bookshelf: The Unruly Alphabet

Did you ever do something kind of crazy ... just to do it? Yes, I've done it, and I'm sure you probably have too. When the folks from Mark Batty Publishing sent me this crazy book by Aaron McKinney, I knew at once -- he was having one of those moments ...
GO really good moments!

60 seconds: Websites that suck

A hard web design lesson to learn, this web design critique turns up two good reasons to study the masters
GO . . . in web sites that suck

60 seconds: Google Plus ... maybe

So, there's a lot of buzz about Google+ (plus.google.com) and how it marks the end of Facebook. When I got the email from Lynn to join up on Google-plus, that was
GO the beginning of this story.

Holiday Shopping Pulse Study

What are bargain hunters going to be looking for this coming Black Friday and what's on everyone's holiday gift wish list? This latest Retrevo Pulse Study asked consumers about what they want for the holidays and
GO what they're going to be looking for in the bargain bins.

Creative Tidbits: Concepts

Following all the fun of the fonts fest, and before the creative tidbits column moves into the holiday season, here are some really great references we held over
* Realistic paintings
* Rare photographic situations
* Designing Photographer's Identity
* Lettering Max Goldt's L'Eglise des Crocodiles
* Innovation Lives on the Edge of Ridiculous Ideas
... and an extra special piece called "Happy Birthday Steve"
GO Creative Tidbits: Concepts

Publishing Update 1111

While the Kindle, iPad and the world of ebooks creeps in, there's still a lot of power in publishing.
* GreenPrint software seeks the most efficient printer for the job
* Ballantine publishes 'mini green guide' for direct mail
* Ebooks' popularity is rewriting the sales story
* 4 ways jumbo postcards can help boost business
* In defense of print: 10 great resources
* 10 principles of writing for the Web
* 5 Day Delivery FAQs
* Beware the Kindle
and more ...
GO Publishing Update 1111

Social Media Update 1111-16

This Social Media update takes a look at :
* Are you disclosing? What you need to know about FTC rules
* Marketers forecast great investment in social media
* Sharing on the Web: How, when, where, why we do it
* 5 Facebook changes and what you need to know
* 5 ways to control your Facebook privacy
* Social media policy: How to get started
* How Twitter is empowering businesses
.... and the emerging world of social networking
GO Social Media Update 1111-16

History of The Wedding Invitation

Olivia Nicholas provides some background and insights into creating invitations and announcements... covering printing processes and special materials
GO History of The Wedding Invitation

&Else: Convert InDesign To Quark

Markzware has announced the upgrade ID2Q v6, its popular Quark XTension. ID2Q v6, for both Macintosh and Windows -- this one now allows graphic designers to convert InDesign CS5.5 documents within QuarkXPress 8 or 9 with a click or two.
GO &Else: Convert InDesign To Quark

Please Pick up your holiday Gifts

The Holiday Gift section of the Publishers' Warehouse will open one day next week. It contains all of the freebies we've given over the years , plus some new downloads for this year. Our gift to you, so to speak. So don't forget to swing over (to the "Loading Dock") and pick up your gift. Check back in, we'll announce it in the main index page header ... www.graphic-design.com

2011 Dash away, dash away all

2011 has been a momentous year -- with so many good things yet so many bad things. From natural disasters to human drama, the year ran the gambit on all fronts. Before you say good night to 2011, I urge you to get out there and do something good for someone. Call around your local area and ask ... "How can I help someone?"

Then just decide that you're going to do something big for someone each month, and something small for someone else each and every day of 2012. Make us proud.

Please have a wonderful year-end, a joyous holiday, and a fulfilling and prosperous 2012.

From all of us here at the Design & Publishing Center and DTG Magazine, we bid you well.

Thanks for reading...

Fred Showker
      Editor / Publisher, DT&G Magazine

Parting words for December and "Gifts"...
      "The excellence of a gift
        lies in its appropriateness rather than in its value."
            Charles Dudley Warner

      "The artist is nothing without the gift,
        but the gift is nothing without work."
            - Emile Zola (1840-1902)

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