DTG News for June, 2011

by Fred Showker

DTG Newsletter ~ Vol. 21, #06 ~ June, 2011

  1. Welcome JUNE
  3. Design Graduates to share your experiences
  5. Illustrator tutorial: combination lock
  6. Time to Consider Rebranding?
  7. June Brides meet Photoshop
  8. Life expectancy of a Photoshop site:
  9. Button Making Using Photoshop
  10. Creative Tidbits : Type, Art Nouveau
  11. Beware bogus offers for Adobe products
  12. Photoshop Noise Reduction
  13. Photoshop Forums : The Emergency Room
  14. PopChar shows your fonts right
  15. Review a web site: help them suck less
  16. &Else News, Views and Reviews
  17. Mailbag : The Day You Were Born
  18. Mailbag : Photoshop and ImageReady
  19. Mailbag : Sad note of regrets
  20. JUNE : surf, take photos, design cool stuff
  21. MAY : Mother's Day & Graduation
  22. ---------- Networking with DTG and Readers ------------

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Welcome JUNE

Our June issue usually has no theme but goes into several different directions. In the northern hemisphere, it's the beginning of summer. Schools are closing for the summer, many are graduating and many more are thinking about vacation. This is the season when the most photographs are taken. So we begin our summer photo series. Follow along and have a great June!


Last month we invited designers, illustrators, photographers and others in the creative fields will to share some thoughts with DTG readers. Although the turn-out was not spectacular, we did get quite a few responses. Here are just a few of the ones we liked best

Design Graduates to share your experiences

Share your portfolios, and aspirations with DTG Readers! If you do, we'll be sending you a free graduation gift from DTG and the Design Bookshelf just to help kick off your new path into the world of visual communications. Congratulations!


The most unique design event of its kind will take place from Monday June 6 to Friday June 10 when the Chicago chapter of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) hosts its 2nd Annual Chicago Design Week.

Illustrator tutorial: combination lock

Here's another sparkling fresh Adobe Illustrator tutorial from Ainsley Bevis-- this time, she delves into the powers of PathFinder and gradients with some solid tips and techniques on the deceivingly simple illustration!

Time to Consider Rebranding?

Is it time for an update? Does your brand need a face-lift? Take care and plan ahead -- take the advice of web design specialist Wes Towers writing about one of your most powerful marketing tools : your brand

June Brides meet Photoshop

Now it's time to tie the chains, look at shiny objects, and just love for all those beautiful June brides -- with a little Photoshop editing actions, of course! Follow along as Photoshop Madness picks the good stuff out of a sea of junk!
[]Top 3 Retouching Tidbits from the Master
[]Photoshop wedding DVD template
[]Paint the Moon with actions
[]Were you really that thin?
[]Tilt-shift brides
[]template buffet
. . . and believe it or not, some real painting June Brides meet Photoshop

Life expectancy of a Photoshop site:

For the fun of it, I went back to our 2005 Photoshop Madness edition, just to check links. EIGHT web sites and links to tutorials or other good stuff are now GONE. Woooosh. GONE. The only one still alive was "Obsidian Dawn" -- so, Stephanie, who ever you are, our congratulations for out-lasting all those others! Life expectancy of a Photoshop site:

Button Making Using Photoshop

Here's a quick little tutorial that lets you learn some essential Photoshop moves, and come up with some nice art . . . making buttons! No, not web buttons ... campaign buttons! Read on Button Making Using Photoshop

Creative Tidbits : Type, Art Nouveau

It's a mixed bag in this edition of Creative Tidbits -- we really enjoyed discovering cool stuff from in and around the graphic arts and creative visual arts scene:
[] Razzle Dazzle illustration you've seen before
[] iPhone App Homage To Graphics God Wim Crouwel
[] Obama's 2012 Logo (Now with More Serifs);
[] Art Nouveau Exhibition reappraised;
[] The Story Behind Zapf Chancery;
[] a design student memorium mural;
[] Yet another type guide;
[] The Information Sage;
[] the best Art Degrees;
[] Message in a bottle Creative Tidbits : Type, Art Nouveau

Beware bogus offers for Adobe products

Unfortunately, this goes on all the time -- and I would normally post this to the Safenetting or UGNN site -- but this directly affects DTG and Design Center readers, so I'm posting it here ... BEWARE : Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 phishing traps Beware bogus offers for Adobe products

Photoshop Noise Reduction

Finally, there's another good noise control filter -- but for Windows only. The Plugin Site has rolled out NoiseControl, which may just be the one that's worth the $49 price! Photoshop Noise Reduction

Photoshop Forums : The Emergency Room

There are a lot of new Photoshop users who need help and are posting their pleas to the Emergency Room for Photoshop 911. If you know your way around Photoshop, consider joining in and helping those in need. It won't take long, and it will be fun! Photoshop Forums : The Emergency Room

PopChar shows your fonts right

PopChar has been around since almost the beginning of the Mac. Ergonis Software has done a swell job for frequent font users, and now had PopChar X 5.2, a new version for finding and inserting special characters. PopChar shows your fonts right

Review a web site: help them suck less

Such a diversity of site reviews and calls for critique : from a Magic Show website to teeth whitening; to student loans and hair removal there are lots of sites that truly need your help! We need your help too ... it's almost impossible to keep up with spam postings, so if you run across one, please let me know! Review a web site: help them suck less

&Else News, Views and Reviews

This month, a collection of cool stuff ...
* Font Preventive Maintenance
      Smasher 2, brings Macintosh users automatic preventive font maintenance, previewing and font integrity verification. Smasher works unattended to eliminate corruption of font caches and temporary files so fonts always appear and print correctly.

* Burn it again, Mac
      We've told you many times about BurnAgain. Mine stopped working when Leopard came along, and it wasn't until I upgraded that I could take advantage of the new powers. This new version is a free update of the intuitive CD/DVD multisession burning utility for Mac OS X.

* Account Forecasting in Balance
      This is for the freelancers out there. Sometimes a large business package is not what you need -- and you get bogged down trying to make it work. Mindwarp Consultancy has rolled out "Balance Guide," providing quick ongoing forecasting for less demanding accounting.

* Make my day: Clean My Mac
      Nothing worse than a dirty Mac. Seriously, your Mac has all kinds of gremlins in there that you don't even know about -- which could eventually screw things up royally! Time to clean up your act!

* Reliable Syncing for Mac
      Everyone needs a syncing tool for their computer and other devices. And you shouldn't be forced to use the cloud! DropSync a fast, reliable syncing tool for the Mac now promises to make it easy to keep folders in sync between computers, hard drives and remote servers

* Give your text some Soap
      Text editing is, or should be, an integral part of any designer's skill, particularly when it comes to jobs with lots of text. Setting up your text to import into a DTP program makes things go so much smoother. The problem is, you never know what you're going to get ... but try a little soap!

&Else News, Views and Reviews

Mailbag : The Day You Were Born

This was sent in by an old high school mate, and I thought I would throw it in just for fun. It's pretty impressive -- and fun. Try it out. . . http://whathappenedinmybirthyear.com/

Mailbag : Photoshop and ImageReady

Last month's tutorial "Photoshop in the Rain" works beautifully in all versions of Photoshop EXCEPT the newer ones which do not support ImageReady. If you had a snag there, hopefully ImageReady is still installed on your system -- it is on ours. You simply quit out of CS4, CS5, and open the file directly in ImageReady. If you did not save the previous version of ImageReady, shame on you! Software that works perfectly on your operating system, and that you might need, shouldn't be thrown away just because a newer version of different software comes out.

Special thanks to Murray Swift and Marli Wakeling for writing in about this.

Mailbag : Sad note of regrets

We received three emails this month from spouses of DTG readers who recently passed away. This is the saddest kind of email we get. One subscriber had been with us since 1998, and the other since 2007. Folks, take a moment and consider how lucky we all are to be living in these times. I replied with my condolences and removed their names from the list.

JUNE : surf, take photos, design cool stuff

Here's our 21st annual Design Vacation edition. Remember, graduates in May or June are invited to sign in, share your visions, and let us send you a nice graduation present from DTG and the Design Bookshelf! If you're not a graduate, perhaps you know someone who is -- and you could pass this along, tweet it on Twitter, or post to your Facebook page!

* JUNE is brought to you by the color "BEACH" - (And we'll let YOU decide what color that is!)

* JUNE is brought to you by the Letter "J" : JUNE is brought to you by the Letter J, and this month's FONTS

UPCOMING: Summer Books
Many design and publishing practitioners will be taking a little time off this summer -- and it's always great to catch up on some reading. Can you suggest a graphics or design book to read? If you can, share your review with DTG readers and win a new book for your summer reading! (Send your book reviews here )

And, as for this month, well, you've already wasted a perfectly good hour reading the DTG newsletter. Hopefully all is not wasted and you've gained at least one helpful tidbit of info. --

Fred Showker
      Fred Showker
      Editor / Publisher, DT&G Magazine


The future is not some place we are going,
    but one we are creating.
      The paths to it are not found but made,
        and the activity of making them changes both the maker and the destination."
            John Schaar


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