DTG News for March 2012

by Fred Showker

DTG Newsletter ~ Vol. 22, #3 ~ March, 2012

  1. Welcome to MARCH
  2. 17th Annual Designing Women
  3. Photoshop (Designing Women) Madness
  4. Stylin' with Nicole Alesi
  5. Vanesa Merulla : whatever it takes
  6. Pamela Wells : Publishing Art & Magic
  7. Book of the Year: Saul Bass
  8. StockLayouts
  9. Photoshop Vintage Compass Icon
  10. Photoshop Madness: Fail
  11. Black History Month 2012
  12. Can you use it?
  13. Artexpo New York Hosts Superstars
  14. Creative Tidbits: mid month
  15. Publishing the e in eBooks
  16. Web Design Update March
  17. March message from the editor

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Welcome to MARCH

This is our 17th Annual DESIGNING WOMEN feature! Be sure to send in your favorite designing women from the graphic arts community!

17th Annual Designing Women

WELCOME to another great year of personalities from the design, painting, and illustration worlds -- we'll be discovering new talents, and revisiting some of our past Designing Women! Ladies and gentlemen may we present : * Maya Barkai, * Sarah Pannell, * Andrea Rahal, * Louise Fili, * Paula Scher, * Jessica Hische, * Lizania Cruz, * Yuko Shimizu, * Gina Triplett, * Kelli Anerson! 17th Annual Designing Women

Photoshop (Designing Women) Madness

Yes, it's March again and you know what that means -- Designing Women! We decided to skip all the bad stuff this month and go with an all-star line-up of wonderful works including self portraits from * Gemma Roberts, * Anne Pogoda, * Katherine Dinger, * Suzanne van Pelt, * Anna Steinbauer, and * Emily Warren! If these ladies aren't inspiring, you'd better check your pulse!

Stylin' with Nicole Alesi

Nicole Alesi creates care-free illustrations inspired by pop trends in music, movies and fashion. We discovered Nicole last month in the Black History edition, and had to bring her back for our Designing Women feature

Vanesa Merulla : whatever it takes

We discovered Vanesa Merulla, from Norwalk CT, in the DTG Facebook group! She creates some solid design seasoned with logic and soul to create the most evocative solutions! So, we knew she should be in this year's Designing Women special

Pamela Wells : Publishing Art & Magic

In 2001 we featured an up-and-coming young artist ... and TODAY more than ten years later, we revisit Pamela Wells, and her successful creative world of painting, design and the everyday goddess

Book of the Year: Saul Bass

BOOK OF THE YEAR for graphic designers is a tough thing to live up to. Phil Meggs, Alex White, Steven Heller, all worthy authors in the design community. We've had at least a few of the "greats" honor the pages of DTG Design Bookshelf - Seymour Chwast, Milton Glaser, Andy Warhol, David Lance Goines -- and now I take great pleasure in adding another of the all-time greats, SAUL BASS.


StockLayouts has been a supporter of the Design Center for many years, providing affordably priced graphic design solutions for graphic design firms, corporate marketing departments, advertising agencies, small businesses, commercial printing and publishing companies. Check out their wide array of professional templates and layouts!

Photoshop Vintage Compass Icon

This month, Photoshop pro Ainsley Bevis shows you how to create a elegant & antique compass icon in Photoshop! This one uses a number of layer styles and tricks you'll like.Photoshop Vintage Compass Icon

Photoshop Madness: Fail

Of course everyone loves those Photoshop "fail" sites -- we found a few of our favorites. You can certainly over-dose! As usual, Photoshop Madness finds the good and the bad ... where you practically go mad trying to find the most useful stuff for Photoshop!most useful stuff for Photoshop!

Black History Month 2012

Our annual Black History Month surf takes us to the far ends of the cyberworld to find some exciting new and memorable talent! This is a continuing series, so we welcome your input and participationBlack History Month 2012

Can you use it?

If it's there, can you use it? While I was putting together the article for Pamela Wells this month, that question presented itself once again. Searching for images of Pamela's writings and products I turned up an interesting set of images that immediately underscored the issues of SOPA and PIPA.60-second Windows: Can you use it?

Artexpo New York Hosts Superstars

Award-winning artists Rob Gonsalves and J. Scott Nicol will be featured by Huckleberry Fine Art from March 22-25 at Artexpo New York, the world's largest fine art trade show for over 33 years.Artexpo New York Hosts Superstars

Creative Tidbits: mid month

Following last week's Creative Tidbits, these are a good pick-up for the middle of the month, including the most insane immersive movie experience EVER ...
* Lego Harry Potter : Years 1-4
* Unusual logos ... bygone years
* Limited edition Artists Book
and more creative inspiration!Creative Tidbits: mid month

Publishing the e in eBooks

As we move into spring, the publishing industry is moving on:
* 8 Powerful Tips for Marketing Your Business With eBooks
* Publishers Still Confident in Print (Sort of)
* The Truth About Who Owns Online Content
* Lisa Harouni: A primer on 3D printing
* Revisiting Print's Social Network
* 5 Myths About eBooks Debunked
and morePublishing the e in eBooks

Web Design Update March

This edition of Web Update rolls into spring with many new considerations for all web designers...
* 10 search, social resolutions for a very mobile 2012
* The stages of coping with loss of search query data
* Future of SEO: Change, Convergence, Collaboration
* Keep your website ahead of the curve in 2012
* Your Website's Dirty Little Secrets
.. and moreWeb Design Update March

March message from the editor

We've had so much fun putting together our "Designing Women" folio pages this month, we're really looking forward to more next month. There are several we just couldn't jam into this month, so we'll be back with more Designing Women!

They say "April showers bring May flowers" so our April "Spring Colors" special ties right in with the colors of spring! As we move through March, be thinking about the colors you would use to decorate spring! We'll share them with the other DTG readers. We'd like to see YOU participate in any of these themes. Show us your portfolio. Share your problems and solutions. Help others with your knowledge and experience.
* Here's how you can contact me to get started.

The forums are back open again. For a month, the forums were turned off, and no new members accepted -- all in hopes that the spam and black-hat SEO operations would quit and drop us from their lists. But I guess that's not possible, since they immediately began hammering us again the moment I turned them back on.
      However, I've made the spam question different, and more "thoughtful" and perhaps they won't get through.
      Let's see how it goes. If you see a spam posting, just click the 'message to admin' button and report it.
* http://bit.ly/iHzrSL

March is brought to you by the color "Green" in celebration of St. Patrick's Day

# MARCH is brought to you by the letter "M"

And, as for this month, well, you've already wasted a perfectly good hour reading the DTG newsletter. Hopefully all is not wasted and you've gained at least one helpful tidbit of info.

Don't forget to stay in touch...
For now, have a great time in the March DTG

thanks for reading

Fred Showker
Editor / Publisher

Parting words for Women's History Month...

"The trouble with some women is
    that they get all excited about nothing -
      and then they marry him."

What did you miss last month

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