DTG News September 09

by Fred Showker

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01. 15th Annual Fall Fonts Festival

Welcome to the 15th Annual Fall Fonts Festival. It's great to be back again
for the 15th year. But we're really celebrating another special milestone :
Twenty Years Online.

Our new web site is launched and ready for eager eyes. The old site is
still here and most links should still work. We hope you enjoy the new
look and feel as well as the benefits:
* You can now comment directly under each article
* Easier navigation; everything now based on the master nav bar
* Simpler deployment; fewer departments, more focused content
* Cleaner style for content

The whole idea behind implementing an overall content management
system was to spend less time in back-end activities so we could
concentrate more on content. We hope you like the changes,
and agree that reading content in the Design Center is now easier.


02. New Design Center Features

In the new Design Center, you'll notice that we have consolidated six
web sites into one - The Design Center, DTG Magazine, The Design Bookshelf,
Photoshop 911, Web Design & Review and 60 Second Window. Yes, their
domains will still get you there, but now you no longer have to leave
the Design Center to access the others. They're not fully populated
yet, but as the weeks fly by, it will begin to
fill out with lots of goodies.

If you have a favorite department, then you can subscribe to just
that department. Note on each directory page you find an RSS button
(orange) which will feed your news reader or browser any time a
new item is added to that department.

We will also be posting information as it's finished rather than
waiting until the end of the month. So new, fresh content will arrive
throughout the month. Having said that, don't look for this newsletter
to be published to a web page. We're discontinuing the "news" page
because it's all news. This newsletter now becomes exclusive
for subscribers only -- along with my sincere
appreciation for your continued interest!


03. Let's go Font Surfing...

I'm back on the path, looking for fonts, type and typography treasures
for this year's Fall Fonts Fest -- and we're finding ten-times as many
great resources as before! Then, in the continuing quest for the good,
bad and ugly in type, fonts and typography -- Can you believe the
"Bread" font? Will you wear Typography fashions? Let's take a
look and explore yet more typographic wonders.
Here is just the beginning of this year's surf...

* http://www.graphic-design.com/typography/fonts/15th-annual-fall-fonts-fe...


04. Fonts for Financials

When you're faced with designing text-heavy, number-heavy material,
few things make the job easier than choosing the right fonts.
Typography experts Hoefler & Frere-Jones provide us with
four things to consider when selecting a typographic palette.

* http://www.graphic-design.com/typography/fonts/fonts-financials


05. What's YOUR Type?

I'd like to send you a copy of New Vintage Type, or one of our other
selections of fine Typography books just for participating in this
year's Fall Fonts Fest. Just send me links to FOUR of your favorite
or most successful works of typography! If selected, I'll put a
copy of the book in the mail to you right away.
(U.S. and Canada subscribers only.)
Do it today!

* http://www.graphic-design.com/folio_submission.html


06. Photoshop Eye Effects #1

This tutorial was prompted by a Photoshop 911 reader who wanted to know
about techniques that would allow the merging of a symbol into a person's
eye. We run through several layering techniques -- but also discover
that what you want isn't necessarily what you get.

* http://www.graphic-design.com/photoshop/tutorial/photoshop-eye-effects-1


07. Ablati and Artimas Fonts

New from David Bergsland this year is a whole series of wonderfully lyrical
new serif fonts -- Opentype Pro with oldstyle figures, Small Caps
plus many discretionary ligatures and swashes...
ladies and gentlemen, introducing Ablati Oldstyle

* http://www.graphic-design.com/typography/fonts/ablati-and-artimas-fonts


08. Gallery: Practical Typography with Dasha

The magic of experimenting in graphic design! Freelance designer
Dasha Wagner presents her innovative ideas and interesting solutions.
Elegant style and color harmony along with some totally practical
typography makes her projects unique.

* http://www.graphic-design.com/design/practical-typography-dasha


09. Most Important Typography Books

Here are my top book selections for a well-rounded education in
typography and graphic design using type, fonts and lettering.
Get them before they go out of print!

* http://www.graphic-design.com/typography/most-important-typography-books


10. SneakPeek for Digital Photography

SneakPeek Photo is a Quick Look plugin that enhances previews of digital
photos to display information that photographers and shutterbugs need.
In addition to the basics such as the file type, size, f-stop, focal
length and color profile, it gives access to all of the metadata
buried within your photo.

* http://www.graphic-design.com/photography/resources/sneakpeek-digital-ph...


11. Need Labels? Who loves you?

We want to send out a big THANKS to World Labels again for being a
Design Center partner and sponsoring this month's issue. As we've said
all along, they're a great supporter because they truly do have all
the labeling solutions our readers need -- with very low prices
and very quick service. Say thanks for their support,
and tell them Fred sent you:

* http://www.worldlabel.com/


12. Mailbag: Thomas says "Goudy"

When Thomas Morris speaks, young designers should listen!

Thomas is a design professional in Moraga, CA, USA wrote in to contribute
this month. You may remember, he's been our "Site of the Month" before
-- a seasoned professional with a uniquely creative, 'old school'
talent for typography and lettering. He writes:

"Goudy Oldstyle is the absolute essence of a perfect type font -- in every way.
In upper and lower case, the letterforms go together like a perfect, 50-year
marriage! The occasional bump in the road never shows because the effect
of the complete word is always joyous to the eye and reads like poetry.

In fact, Goudy Oldstyle is the font I use for all my writing. It can
command authority, yet can whisper in the shadows when properly coaxed.

The structure of very character is perfect, and easy to read -- from 8 point
to headline sized 60 point. In italics, you are just a swash away from
a classic calligraphic font -- and let's not forget the importance of
the numerals, all profoundly descriptive.

And ... if you are looking for the perfect ampersand -- just drop in
the italic Goudy Oldstyle, and your search is done.

My two cents worth ... "

. . . Thomas uses an older Mac G-5 OS / OS 10.4.11 / Quark 7.1 with
the First CS Suite. Goudy is truly a wonderful font. It was the official
font of the first Showker Graphic Arts back in the early 1970s.
Thomas, we agree!

* http://thomasmorrisdesign.com


13. Logo help when you need it?

Logobee is on board this month supporting all DTG readers ... not to
sell logos, but to offer effective Logo Design solutions for all types
of businesses. While graphic designers might not consider using a logo
service, there will be times when you can layer projects, hire
competent help, and get those clients through your books faster
and more profitably. That's where Logobee comes in.

Hats off to you guys, you rock!

* http://www.logobee.com/about-logo-design/about.htm


14. Site of the Month: Chelsea Cropper

Somehow, somewhere, we ran across Chelsea Cropper's digs at UCLA.
She does a thing on AESTHETIC CONCEPTS with a combination of typography and ellipses. She writes:

"We want to convey data information through sheer volume.
Dots scroll from left to right, top to bottom.
At times they are stationary.
Size of ellipses will change depending on need.
Each ellipse represents one of a kind:
one human, one dollar, one crime, etc. "

Load image for this one: http://bit.ly/fWa3q -

scroll down this page for the goodies:

* http://ow.ly/p5qr


15. Picture of the Month: A very long brochure...

no need to explain, except we couldn't get back to the page for
some reason.

I think Chuck Green sent this one in, but I could be mistaken.

* http://bit.ly/AyZ9v


16. &Else News: Desktop Publishing

You'll find the new 'news' function refreshingly simple.
If you want to see the latest news, just click on any "tag" at the end
of an article that says "news." In fact, in the new design center,
you can click on any tag and get just the articles that relate to that tag.

This month:
* iStudio Publisher
* FX Cartoon Look Filter
* Pilot your Fonts on Mac
* PopChar Reverse Searching for Mac Fonts
* InDesign Font Catalog
* TypeTrax for Adobe InDesign
* Myths of Security
* InDesign LinkOptimizer and
. . . many others &Else!

* http://www.graphic-design.com/tags/news


17. Following on Twitter?

Don't know if this is a good idea or not, but we've established DTG in
Twitter. I thought I would 'test' it for a while, it seems fairly
useless to me but if a lot of our readers want to follow and tweet,
we're all for it.

If you do follow, it won't be over active like some other others who
tweet every 15 minutes. But rest assured when we do tweet it will
be for good reason.

(Watch this Ben Stiller video and read between the lines, and I
think you'll get a feeling for why I'm not 100% sold on Twitter yet: http://bit.ly/fYxoN )

* http://twitter.com/DTG_Magazine


18. September, October and onward ...

We're loving these issues because we love typography.
Already I've got a dozen new content pieces to add to Graphic Design
in the next week. So, stay tuned or tap into the RSS button feeds.

In October and November we turn our sites to the holidays and promoting
yourself during this season. So, don't forget to get in touch, and
contribute your ideas and favorite holiday promotions.

The Publishers' Warehouse is under construction, and the new fonts
and stuff will probably be in there by the end of the month.

In with the new, out with the old... there are more changes coming,
and we haven't yet decided to keep the forums or not. They're a huge
stealer of time, since we have to clean out all the spammers, hackers
and Chinese break-ins each and every day.

Boy it sure would be nice if there wasn't any internet crime or
unscrupulous idiots trying to make a buck for nothing.
My life would surely be easier.

Keep those entries coming ... we'd love to hear from you, and
send you a gift for your trouble!

Enjoy this wonderful fall, and have a great month!

Thanks for reading...

Fred Showker

Fred Showker, Editor / Publisher, DT&G Magazine


Thoughts for September from famous graphic designer Paul Rand:

> Design is the method of putting form and content together.
> Design, just as art, has multiple definitions;
> there is no single definition.
> Design can be art.
> Design can be aesthetics.
> Design is so simple, that's why it is so complicated.

We believe that.

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