DTG News for September, 2011

by Fred Showker

DTG Newsletter ~ Vol. 21, #09 ~ September, 2011

  1. Welcome to September
  2. 17th Annual Fonts Surf
  3. 17th Annual Fonts Surf Two
  4. Photoshop Madness Typography
  5. Photoshop Madness Dimensional Type 2
  6. Photoshop Madness Dimensional Type 3
  7. Metal Type in the 21st Century
  8. Design inspiration : Typography in space
  9. Typography in space too
  10. Michael Doret's Steinweiss Script
  11. The World's Most Hated Fonts
  12. Favorite APPs for Designers
  13. Creative Tidbits: Typography
  14. Marketing Updates for September
  15. Alert: Before you buy a vehicle online
  16. Site of the Month : Ben Fry
  17. &Else

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Welcome to September

September kicks off everyone's favorite event, the "17th Annual Fall Fonts Fest" issue! Be sure to send in your favorite fonts, typography, lettering, calligraphy or signage inspirations to share with the graphic arts community!

17th Annual Fonts Surf

The fonts surf is one of the things we really look forward to -- yet this year it's very different from before. There are now so many typography knock-off and replicator sites it is almost not worth the surf. Yet there is a huge new wave of talent ... typographers coming out of the woodwork! * Can you identify these Old Style typestyles? * Chalk Typography * More negative space Logos * the awesome ABC3D Book, and more -- continuing through October ...

17th Annual Fonts Surf Two

Now we continue our fonts surf with more extraordinary typographic works, news, reviews, and views with * Who stole Times Roman? * Six Fonts That Piss People Off * Typeface Inspired by Comic Books * Logos in Black * Love Thy Logo * More Comic Sans Bashing * . . . 17th Annual Fonts Surf Two

Photoshop Madness Typography

Joining in with all the fun for the 17th annual fonts fest, we thought we'd just get right into the swing of things with some "Dimensional Type" effects... * Elegant 3D Silver Type * Dark, 3D metal type * Create a 3D Flowery Text Effect, then * Another 3D "flowery" text effect in Photoshop . . . Photoshop Madness Typography

Photoshop Madness Dimensional Type 2

Now, we continue our jaunt through the 17th annual fonts fest with our own theme - "Dimensional Type" including * Retro that's NOT retro! * Fragmented Tiles Text Effect In Photoshop * Metalic Spiderman Movie Type * Create stylish 3D tumbling text (Illustrator too!) Photoshop Madness Dimensional Type 2

Photoshop Madness Dimensional Type 3

We're on a roll for this month's 17th annual fonts fest with "Dimensional Type" * Horror Theme Text Effect Photoshop Tutorial * Adding Fantastic Color to 3D Text (a 2-part series) * Create A Cool 3d Text Scene ... and wrapping it up with * Wrapping Text in 3D In Photoshop Photoshop Madness Dimensional Type 3

Metal Type in the 21st Century

Of historic and educational note, here's a fascinating design documentary by Richard Kegler that captures the personality and work process of the late Canadian graphic artist and type designer Jim Rimmer. Metal Type in the 21st Century

Design inspiration : Typography in space

This edition of Typography inspiration includes a look at typography that occupies and defines space -- type with substance and form. These works represent an incredible amount of skill and pure sweat equity. Your tour will take you to the studios of these highly gifted graphic designers and illustrators ... Leonard Clagett, Serial Cut Imagemakers, Yulia Brodskaya, Grant Tucker, Theo Aartsma, Tyler Lafreniere, and Nik Ainley! Design inspiration : Typography in space

Typography in space too

We continue this edition of typography that occupies and defines space with the extraordinary works of Leonard Clagett, Serial Cut Imagemakers, and Yulia Brodskaya. Enjoy, and don't forget to send in your foavorites! Typography in space too

Michael Doret's Steinweiss Script

It's always a thrill to get a new font, and a major thrill to get one from Michael Doret. You might remember we spotlighted Michael's Metro Script five years ago for the 12th Fonts Fest. We are thrilled again this year with Michael's Steinweiss Script -- and it's been voted the 'official' font for the 17th annual fall fonts festival! Michael Doret's Steinweiss Script

The World's Most Hated Fonts

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but there are some fonts that have built up a negative reputation among graphic designers, sometimes for aesthetic reasons, but often for reasons of misuse ... lets take a look at these poor five fonts The World's Most Hated Fonts

Favorite APPs for Designers

Following our previous selections of apps for designers, now we'll take a look at these new ones on the dock... * Amazing photo-to-sketch software * Cutting up photos made easy * Doodle over photos, create amazing art * Video Editor for FREE * Oil Painting Effect * PicWall gives you a virtual wall * Video-Joiner app ... and more! Favorite APPs for Designers

Creative Tidbits: Typography

Just in time for this issue of Creative Tidbits, two excellent pieces from icons in the design and typography fields : Allan Haley asks "What is Typography All About?" ... and our friend Steven Heller reminds us all of the place occupied in typography history by Steve Jobs! Also, we have :
[] 7 Ways Tim Cook's Apple Can Serve Small Business Better
[] Entrepreneurial Success: 6 Questions with Lolo Siderman
[] Indies Only: Oswego Resident Having His Cake
[] Liz Ryan: Moving past the tire-kickers
[] Spending Wisely on Technology
[] Print's Color Conference
[] We Love Typography
I've got lots more creative typography tidbits so stay tuned all through September and October .. Creative Tidbits: Typography

Marketing Updates for September

This marketing update digs into establishing a strategy, integrating social media and more interesting statistics, tips and tricks for marketing -- offline and on:
* Media Relations: 10 Tips and Tools to Help You Spread the Word
* Study: Postal mail most effective in marketing to customers
* Google Analytics: people are spending less time on websites
* Make your email newsletter a must-read for your customers
* Dealing with Negative Nancy's comments in social media
* Businesses unaware of the power of online marketing
* Advertisers Say Spending Is Going One Way: Up
* Why email marketers should integrate social
* Why an email sucks and how to make it rock!
* The Analog Process of Selling Digital Ads
* Social media icons improve interaction
* Discover your marketing mindset
... and more Marketing Updates for September

Alert: Before you buy a vehicle online

You can buy almost anything over the Internet -- including clothes, a pizza, music, a hotel room, even a car. And while most transactions are conducted lawfully and securely, there are instances when criminals insert themselves into the marketplace, hoping to trick potential victims into falling for one of their scams. Alert: Before you buy a vehicle online

Site of the Month : Ben Fry

We mentioned Ben in a fonts fest some years ago because of his project called "Alphabet Book". Revisiting his site again after so many years, we see he's got some interesting things going on! Benfry.com


&Else is the department that covers all the items that are not necessarily about design, typography and graphics -- yet are still of interest to designers and all our readers in the visual arts fields! Since we try to keep this text newsletter very small, you can look for all the over-flow under the &Else tags ...
* iScreen turns iOS Devices Into Wireless Screens - how cool is that?
* Time, Expense, and Mileage Tracking - know how much to charge
* FileMaker Update Manager - the designer's best friend
* BarCodes many uses for designers - uses and benefits
* A good designer knows how to INTERVIEW the client
. . . and more ! &Else News, Reviews & Views


This year's Fonts Festival is the best one yet! Unfortunately, only a fraction of material we have has been posted so far! Tons more to go!

Upcoming over the next six weeks, the Fonts Festival continues with two killer new typography books, a whole pile of new Photoshop tutorials, unruly fonts, new fonts from Gallo, Fred's XYZ blocks, the continuation of Scott Kelby's retouching series, and a very special feature with Alex White and designing spaces.

Also look for a huge flood of incoming resources and files for you to download in the Publishers' Warehouse! We understand there was a slight problem with the location last month, which was supposed to be in Alaska, but people were still going to the Bahamas! If you read this newsletter, then you'll know where to go to find all the downloadable goodies each month! 'Nuff said.

On the Fonts Fest Trail ...

* September was in fact the seventh month of the Roman calendar until 153 BC ! Weird, uh?

** WIN prizes for sharing your favorite FONTS **

Yes, it's happened each year for the past 16 years, and it happens again through September and October! This is your opportunity to share your favorite fonts, type, typography or lettering with DTG and Design Center readers! At the same time, you'll get in line for some pretty cool prizes!

* September is brought to you by the letter "S, as in 'septem'

* September is brought to you by the color "GOLD" #FFD700

Don't forget to stay in touch, 'caus we hope to see you in the October Fonts Fest!

For now, have a great time in the September DTG

thanks for reading

Fred Showker
Editor / Publisher

A final Thought from Steve Jobs
      "... I learned about serif and sans serif typefaces, about
      varying the amount of space between different letter combinations,
      about what makes great typography great.
      It was beautiful, historical, artistically subtle in a way that
      science can't capture, and I found it fascinating."

Steve remembering his fascination with fonts in the days before the Macintosh.

What did you miss last month

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