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by Fred Showker
  1. Designing the Holidays
  2. Feature: David Lance Goines: 40 years of Posters
  3. Fonts Fest: Typographic Faces
  4. Fonts Fest: Stock Photos of Typography
  5. Fonts Fest: What the Font is WOFF?
  6. Photoshop Tutorial: Create an Angelic Sculpture
  7. Photoshop Tutorial: Flipbooks with Photoshop Actions
  8. Lightroom: Watermarking and version 3 Surprises
  9. Photography: Home Run Baseball Photography Tips
  10. Heroes of the Computer Revolution
  11. Are fairies Real?
  12. Being Geek
  13. Web Design: Protect ActionScript Code from Theft
  14. Business: October releases:
  15. Image / visual Software
  16. Mailbag: Highly usable usability
  17. &Else News, views and reviews
  18. Help us find the Best of the Best

Designing the Holidays

The holidays are here, and once again we'll be awarding prizes for your favorite discoveries during 2010. So see the last item below for infor on the 2010 DTG BEST submissions, and you too could be a big winner!

Holiday promotions: If you're designing a holiday promo for your client, we'd like to look over your shoulder. You can win some pretty swell prizes, just for participating...
* Post it here

Feature: David Lance Goines: 40 years of Posters

Come along and meet one of the masters of our time. Thanks to the new book tracing four decades of stunning posters from David, I have the distinct pleasure of idolizing yet another of my most-admired contemporary graphic designers. Everyone who loves the visual arts needs this ...

Fonts Fest: Typographic Faces

During October, our Fonts Fest continued with a tour of stunning works from designers like Christopher Haines, Cris Wicks, Ben Heine, Nelly Furtado and others. You may think this looks easy -- but these designers have designed and created Typographic portraits -- contour art -- painting portraits with type, letters, and letterforms.

Fonts Fest: Stock Photos of Typography

Deposit Photo joins our Fonts Fest with a collection of very good stock photos in the typography realm. They have many that are very well done, and lend themselves to entire themes. These are good samples for your enjoyment and inspiration

Fonts Fest: What the Font is WOFF?

Over the last nine months, there has been substantial developer interest in WOFF and, as a result, browsers have been adding and refining support for the technology since Fonts Fest: What the Font is WOFF?

Photoshop Tutorial: Create an Angelic Sculpture

Here's another extensive free Photoshop tutorial by Princess Libra-- this time she provides nearly 50 steps to create a dazzling ice sculpture using just about every trick in the Photoshop tool box and dozens of essential techniques. Get comfortable, this is a long one!

Photoshop Tutorial: Flipbooks with Photoshop Actions

Many designers and crafts savvy creatives are now thinking about cool things they can design for the upcoming holiday season. xtine burrough, coauthor of Digital Foundations: Intro to Media Design with the Adobe Creative Suite, interprets the Photoshop Actions panel to show you how to create very cool flipbooks!

Lightroom: Watermarking and version 3 Surprises

Two excellent guest articles this month, courtesy of Peachpit Press -- BragIt has rolled out a new update for 'BragIt HTML Slideshow', a plug-in to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom to publish a collection of photos to your web site --- and Nolan Hester finds a few new WOW features amongst the secrets within the Lightroom 3 betas. Good stuff.

Photography: Home Run Baseball Photography Tips

Okay ... it's time to PLAY Baseball, and it's time to bone up on the best tips for getting the most out of shooting the game. Seasoned photographer and trainer Andrew Malek shares his best tips for the shoot ... BATTER UP!

Heroes of the Computer Revolution

This 25th anniversary edition of Steven Levy's classic book traces the exploits of the computer revolution's original hackers -- those brilliant and eccentric nerds from the late 1950s through the early '80s who took risks, bent the rules, and pushed the world in a radical new direction.

Are fairies Real?

While I don't usually review books like this, I found the premise quite intriguing. And -- since it is time for the tales of banshees, demons, trolls, goblins, vampires, zombies, werewolves and all manner of things that go bump in the night, I thought we could have a little fun with this new book that challenges the preconceived notions of fairies.

Being Geek

As a software engineer, you recognize at some point that there's much more to your career than dealing with code. Is it time to become a manager? Tell your boss he's a jerk? Join that startup?

Web Design: Protect ActionScript Code from Theft

For some time, web designers were upset when their Flash code was getting ripped off by unscrupulous web site builders. But that's not happening so much more these days, since DComSoft upgraded their SWF Protector 3.0 for Mac OS X.

Business: October releases:

* Income Tracking for Mac OS X - Getting paid, making money * Project Task Management - Getting it done! * Fast and Simple Text Recognition for Mac * and a dozen others : Business: October releases:

Image / visual Software

Cool stuff for designers: * Video Clip Management for Mac * iPhone HDR Photography * Image adjustments in PDF files * PDFpen, the PDF editing tool for Mac OS X * Create 3D Anaglyphs on iOS * ipad Effortless Photo Searching * Photography Expert Inside iPad * and a dozen more. * and a dozen more.

Mailbag: Highly usable usability

S.B. from Huntley, IL, is our cool posts winner this month -- sending in this valuable tip we'll pass along to you :
I found http://usability.gov/ absolutely invaluable. It is a government site especially for government web designers, but it has information on everything you need to create useful and USABLE websites. They provide step by step help to create a user friendly site and one that is accessible to everyone.
      I have be a subscriber to DTG for years and I find it the goto site for all things in digital media.

S.B.: send out your address so we can send you your prizes! And thanks for this tip -- important for all graphic designers!

&Else News, views and reviews

* Interior Design for iPad * Palettes for all iOS devices * iPhone for Authors of Children's Books * VPN for the rest of us * Gamestorming * and more ... &Else News, views and reviews

Help us find the Best of the Best

WIN some of our valuable prizes by sharing with DT&G readers... What is The BEST of the BEST? - Yes, it's that time again -- we need your help identifying the Best of the Best for 2010... so share your favorite software, hardware, fonts, graphics or web sites discovered this year...and WIN. Send in your picks for 2010's best Shareware, Software, Hardware or Gizmo, Web Site, Stock Photography -- or even the WORST -- share with other DTG readers, and WIN

November is brought to you by the letter "N"

Speaking of November: Throughout the site, you'll see images for the season ... apples, turkeys, and others -- just click on any of those and you'll be treated to loads and loads of seasonal images. Even if you don't need an image, it's fun just to look at the pictures!

Have a great month, and stay in touch.

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Fred Showker

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Thought for November:
      "Resolve to perform what you ought.
        Perform without fail what you resolve."
            Benjamin Franklin

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