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Fred Showker's Creative Tidbits blog postings Creative news shows us some trends, and hot spots to keep our eye on. This issue's creative notes include: * Exploring Type-Creation Software * Connecting Brands to People * Combining Fonts * What the iPad is Missing * Sketchbook randoms * Mysterious Disorder Type ... and more

Exploring Type-Creation Software

Ilene Strizver talks about packages for creating type are capable and readily available, but all ulitmately rely on the talents of their users. She writes:
      While knowing this software does not automatically endow the user with the talent, skill, visual acuity and experience necessary to create professional-level fonts, it offers a starting point that can take many directions - or, at the very least, give the user a better understanding of what goes into a well-designed typeface, and ultimately, a quality font.
GO more :: Ilene Strizver - Dynamic Graphics

Connecting Brands to People

This revised edition of the classic 2001 book focuses on how social media are impacting corporate cultures and the new role of advertising as people are moving from TV to laptops and cell phones. Branding issues are addressed head-on, like targeting Baby Boomers as well as the X,Y, and eXcel generations; selling to gays and specific cultural groups; and the expanding role of women as shoppers.
      If you're in graphic design and/or advertising marketing, then you must click here and read this book.
GO more :: Paperback, from Allworth

Combining Fonts

Is there a way to know what fonts will work together? Building a palette is an intuitive process, but expanding a typographic duet to three, four, or even five voices can be daunting.
      Here are four tips for navigating the typographic ocean, all built around H&FJ's Highly Scientific First Principle of Combining Fonts: keep one thing consistent, and let one thing vary.
GO more :: H&FJ

What the iPad is Missing

So most everyone knows by now that the iPad is just about the hottest, and coolest gizmo to enter the technology arena. Stephen Coles of the fontfeed web site looks at fonts on the iPad... He writes :
      "I'm not an iPad naysayer. I forked over $700 on the first day of pre-ordering and my iPad hasn't left my side, day or night, since it arrived on Monday. I'm with those who see the device and its new approach to computing as an exciting step forward, especially for media delivery. The possibilities for reviving the magazine and newspaper industries are exciting and real."
GO more :: Stephen Coles -

Sketchbook randoms

Omar Tehawkho shares his Typography, Drawing, Illustrations in Behance. He also shared this lively sketchbook.
      Omar is into Illustration, Graphic Design -- based out of Haifa, Israel
GO more :: Omar Tehawkho

Mysterious Disorder Type

Sig Vicious (Siggeir M. Hafsteinsson) is a designer from Reykjavik in Iceland. His style is truly unique, honest and continually evolving.
      Siggeir developed the font "Disorder Type" which is one of the better distorted fonts we've seen. It's mysterious and alive with motion ... but look closely! Also see his Facebook digs :
GO more :: Siggeir M. Hafsteinsson

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