Collect for Output for Adobe Illustrator CS6

by Staff

 Art Files 2: Collect for Output for Adobe Illustrator now CS6 Compatible Code Line announces a free update to its popular "Collect for Output" application, Art Files 2 for Mac. Art Files is a major timesaver for graphic designers that automates the collection of linked images and fonts contained in Adobe Illustrator documents. The new update adds support for Adobe Illustrator CS6 released earlier this month.

Matheau Dakoske, Code Line's Founder says

Quoting  begins Many designers are familiar with the 'Package...' feature in Adobe InDesign. Art Files offers that functionality for Adobe Illustrator documents ... We're excited about Adobe's CS6 launch and made support for CS6 a priority for all of our products. Quoting  ends


  • Simple Drag & Drop interface
  • Collects multiple documents at the same time
  • Packages up Illustrator documents for sending out to colleagues and printers
  • Great for archiving artwork to make sure you have everything you need to reopen in the future
  • Supports Adobe Illustrator documents from Illustrator 8 through CS6

Art Files 2 is available as a free, 15-launch demo and is available for purchase online. A single-user license is just $49.95 and upgrades are priced at $24.95. Current Art Files 2.x users can download the update for free. For more information visit Code Line's website. Category: RUN Graphics & Design, Photography, Art, Video

Code Line: Art Files 2 Code Line: Art Files 2
Download Art Files 2: ArtFiles2.dmg Download Art Files 2: ArtFiles2.dmg
Art Files 2 Screenshot Art Files 2 Screenshot

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