Creative Graphic Design: March, Women's History, almost spring

by Fred Showker

Creative tidbits is a column in DTG Magazine featuring creative instpiration It's March, and our Women's History Month looks at creativity in many different ways ... Designing Woman Kerry Butters sets the creative pace with her insightful piece on common logo mistakes - then Amanda Clark points the desingers' finger at fonts .... these and other starting points for all designers and creative visual communicators ... here we go:
* Award-Winning Mobile Video Coaching App Dartfish Express for iOS7
* 5 motion graphic design trends for every video editor
* Typography cheat sheet: The big mistakes to avoid
* The simple science to good storytelling
* Typing type: The font war for bloggers
* 6 Common Mistakes in Logo Design
* Global design trends
... and more !

6 Common Mistakes in Logo Design

Here's another one published a dozen times in the Design & Publishing Center over the past 35 years -- but Kerry adds some of her own panache and it's really worth reading. Kerry writes
      The logo is arguably the most important aspect of any brand to get right. It’s intended to show the personality of a brand and instantly convey what the company does at a glance.Logos shouldn’t ever be difficult to figure out, or it’s pretty pointless having one – unless perhaps your target audience loves puzzles and the company makes them.
      Even then, a logo should tell the story of a brand in such a way that it’s clear, non-patronising and instant. Gap’s infamous 2010 logo redesign was so poorly received that it was unceremoniously scrapped within a week of launch.
      Logo design is tough and even the largest organizations can get it wrong
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Typing type: The font war for bloggers

How many times have you read this? How many times have we told you these rules? Just because it's blogging, doesn't mean the good rules of typography don't still apply. Amanda Clark's article now repeats what we've been telling you for years : Does it make a difference? Yes and No.
      From comic sans to windings, fonts are a major concern for a very niche group of people. Typography, however, can teach us a lot about how people react to different publication mediums. The key, of course, is striking a balance between readability, intent, and function.
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5 motion graphic design trends for every video editor

Motion graphics are found in every sort of video production. Whether it's Web video, television commercials, or event videos, motion graphics have become part of our visual vernacular. Audiences are accustomed to seeing motion graphics and a video editor needs to be on top of the design trends their audiences are used to.
      Trends come and go, there's no true formula for determining what will be the next big thing, but a video editor can take a good guess at what's popular by observing different styles and the frequency of their use in video production. Here are five trends in motion graphics that are appearing quite frequently and should be a good bet to see continued success in 2014.
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Typography cheat sheet: The big mistakes to avoid

This new guy is preaching the same sermon the Design & Publishing Center has been preaching since 1988 -- almost as if he read our seminar handouts. Yet, it's one of the better presentations and deserves a read by all designers under 50.
      Typography is one of those strange skills — too mathematical to be pure art, but a touch too intangible to be pure science. Our modern life is awash with text, so all front-end developers really need to have a thorough working knowledge of the "art of arranging type." The following runs through a quick-fire cheat sheet of some of the most common typography mistakes — and ways to avoid them.
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The simple science to good storytelling

We have always maintained that good graphic design is good story telling. Fast Company seems to agree and has put some muscle behind the notion that good storytelling beats other forms of communication
      People have always been fascinated by stories. While sitting around a fire, stories were the first and only way to share information, dreams, to entertain, inspire, and connect with others long before humans had any other forms of communication. Not only is it commonly accepted that good storytelling beats other forms of communication hands down, there is scientific evidence that backs this up. Knowing the influence that telling a good story can elicit, an effective leader can use storytelling to not only share information, but connect with the people around him. Here are some things to keep in mind.
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Global design trends

Flat and minimalism dominated the design trends last year. From logos and websites to architecture and UI, the flat style is everywhere. Will the design trend this 2014 be on the same track?
      Based on the data from over 350 million all-time image downloads, the following infographic from Shutterstock revealed the recent and emerging visual design trends across the globe.
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Award-Winning Mobile Video Coaching App Dartfish Express for iOS7

Athletes and coaches worldwide who want to dramatically and rapidly improve their results can finally access all Dartfish Express features on their new or updated iPad or iPhone, now that the latest version of the 2013 Tabby Award-winning app is fully iOS7 compatible
      Dartfish Express - which was featured in the Apple Air Keynote video on October 22, 2013 - is a globally acclaimed mobile coaching tool that that enables coaches and athletes in any sport to easily record performances using their device's built-in camera, and conduct an extremely detailed slow motion or frame-by-frame analysis to verify proper form and technique
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