Creative Tidbits: LOGOS and JC Penny

by Fred Showker

Creative Tidbits in 60-Second Windows This week is a cool mix of interesting items including "So you think you can design a logo?" Follow along with : * 2011 Trendology: U.S. Graphic Design Services * Tattoo Master, Off the Street, Into the Gallery * Student designs new JC Penney logo, and * The Wonder of Wim Gallery opening...

2011 Trendology: U.S. Graphic Design Services

The 2011 Trendology report on the U.S. Graphic Design Services industry characterizes the industry in three descriptive methods: qualitative analysis, quantitative data and lists of major industry players.
      The written analysis includes financial issues, technology issues, human resources issues, supplier issues, consumer issues, government regulations, global factors, major industry news highlights, major earnings and profit reports, major mergers and acquisitions, and our exclusive industry SWOT analysis (industry internal strengths, internal weaknesses, external opportunities and external threats).

Tattoo Master, Off the Street, Into the Gallery

Dr. Lakra Mexican tattoo artist
      When artists come to New York for a show, they often make a trip to Chelsea to check out the competition. But when the Mexican tattoo artist known as Dr. Lakra arrived last month to install his exhibition at the Drawing Center, he headed straight for the ...
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The Wonder of Wim

The Design Museum's Wim Crouwel showThe Design Museum's Wim Crouwel show opened last night and... it's fantastic. A substantial, 'proper' graphic design exhibition given the space and treatment that Crouwel's extraordinary output deserves
      The Design Museum often seems nervous about graphics -- perhaps it is unconvinced that graphic design can attract the visitor numbers and sponsorship that fashion or furniture can command. Wim Crouwel A Graphic Odyssey takes the first floor room that also housed the Peter Saville and Alan Fletcher shows. But the space has been transformed.

Student designs new JC Penney logo

Student designs new JC Penney logo
      Imagine creating something that will be seen by millions of people. Something that will personify a more than 100-year-old company. Something that is crucial to the success of the business. Now, imagine making this design before you graduate from college.

So you think you can design a logo?

How many logos have you seen today? Perhaps you maintain a lofty disdain for such things, but logos are unavoidable and, in their own way, quite remarkable. With a few lines, a good logo can articulate the aims of a charity or symbolise a city.
      Logos today get a pretty bad press: "How much? My 12-year-old could have done that." Often, that's true, sort of.
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