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by Staff
Custom header creations Mo Media has launched "Custom Headers by M," a service to help those who are building template style websites but lack the skills to create an extraordinary header. Experienced Photoshop designer Karen Kaufman of Mo Media considers the design being used, then works with the customer's image, logo and text to create a look unique to any website. Clients can check out the gallery of customizable designs, or commission their own. Prices range from $10 to $30.

Custom Headers by M

Karen Kaufman, aka "M" says:

"Like your head, the top of every website should be as unique as you are -- With the number of template style websites being used today, Karen noticed too many websites looking dull and unprofessional. With the realization that she had developed skills to create stunning looks for an affordable price she developed "Custom Headers by M."

create stunning looks

With 15 years of professional scanning, color manipulation and editing, Karen has an ability to create any image or design, and to enhance that image. Karen's expansion to creating web and graphic art provides an exclusive flavor to her creativity. "M" can also be hired to design backgrounds for Twitter, Ning, Sandvox and more, tweak profiles or any type of web graphic.

backgrounds for Twitter, Ning, Sandvox and more

When asked "Why are your headers so affordable?" Karen replies: "My design rate is $120 per hour. Something which may have taken me an hour to create 10 years ago now takes closer to 15 minutes. Because I'm incorporating elements (client's file[s], font, template design), the most expensive header we're selling here should take no more than 15 minutes for me to put together nicely." Karen knew her service should be available to users at a great price.

custom headers for web pages


  • "Almost Ready" designs
  • Customize with photo, art or logo
  • Completely Custom includes initial review and consultation

Almost Ready

"Custom Headers by M" range from $10 USD ("Almost Ready) to $30 ("Completely Custom").

CustomHeaders by M
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Located in Volcano Hawaii/USA, Mo Media was founded in 2002 by Karen Kaufman who's talents thrive in the field of Fine Art Reproduction. "It is quite thrilling and an honor to work with some of the most renowned artists in the State of Hawai." Although the focus is fine art reproduction (giclee), Mo Media now includes web design experience to their portfolio. All Material (C) 2002-2009 Kinaole Group Ltd. dba Mo Media / All Rights Reserved.

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