DTG March, 2011

by Fred Showker

DTG Newsletter ~ Vol. 21, #03 ~ March, 2011

  1. 16th Annual Designing Women Editiont
  2. Designing Women: Jane Seymour
  3. Designing Women: Lydia Leith
  4. Designing Women: Sharon Steuer
  5. Photoshop: Morning Glow photo effect
  6. Photoshop filters plugins from Harry
  7. Updating the handicapped symbol?
  8. The New Cool
  9. Future of Social Media whitepapers
  10. Google slams duplicate content
  11. 8 articles for web publishers
  12. End crooked photos
  13. 3D Photo gallery without Flash?
  14. Frame it with LightFrame
  15. Marketing Update : 1102-14
  16. First Friday Creative Tidbits
  17. 60-Second Window
  18. Twenty One Marches
  19. Editor's Notes

16th Annual Designing Women Edition

Each year we highlight designing women in celebration of Women's History Month. This year we have a bumper-crop of great personalities from the design, painting, and illustration worlds. Ladies and gentlemen may we present : * Ania Szerszen * Anna Pater * Brianna Garcia * Danielle Levitt * Eleftheria Alexandri * Irina Vinnik * Katia Zubkova * Lacey * Marian Bantjes * Marie Brassely * Maura Jarve * Naomi Atkinson * Sara Hingle * Veerle Pieters * Virginia Robles-Villalba
... and believe it or not, there are more in the pipeline that we will be publishing throughout March and April.

Designing Women: Jane Seymour

Our Designing Women issue is usually dedicated to women in the visual arts world. And this one deserves our extra attention and admiration. Art, drama, and Golden Globe / Emmy levels should be enough. But sharing with and benefiting children takes Jane way over the top!

Designing Women: Lydia Leith

Lydia Leith, a graphic designer from the UK, has hit upon a national best seller : the *Throne Up, Royal Wedding, SICK BAG.* -- her own screen printing! Designing Women: Lydia Leith

Designing Women: Sharon Steuer

With the latest incarnation of The Adobe Illustrator WOW! Book, Over the years, I've spent many hours reading these books. I cannot say how many times I've recommended this book and Sharon Steuer's enlightened training! Sharon is a true renascence woman! Designing Women: Sharon Steuer

Photoshop: Morning Glow photo effect

As most of you know by now, lighting can have a dramatic effect on a photograph. For naturally lighted scenes, the look and feel of the photo can change and transform as the hours pass throughout the day. Photoshop: Morning Glow photo effect

Photoshop filters plugins from Harry

Harry has been at it again, and has updated his "Harrys Filters for Windows" to version 4.0. We've talked about these filters before -- it's a free Photoshop-compatible plugin offering 69 image effects. Photoshop filters plugins from Harry

Updating the handicapped symbol?

Do you think the handicapped symbol needs updating? This story is about a young graphic designer who thinks the handicapped symbol of the international signing symbol system needs a redesign. Does it? Read this 60-Second Window

The New Cool

What do a revolutionary inventor, a MacArthur "Genius" award winner, and a best-selling author have in common? . . . The answer is The New Cool: A Visionary Teacher, his FIRST Robotics Team, and the ultimate battle of smarts

Future of Social Media whitepapers

Kasey Cassells sent in these three white papers to fill you in on upcoming issues that will effect Social Media on the web. Download to read, but registration is required.

Google slams duplicate content

Just last month, leading search marketing specialist and technology firm, Greenlight, pointed out in its 2011 top 10 predictions for natural and paid search, that among other things, search engines would take an even more aggressive stance towards duplicate and low value content this year. You ain't seen nothin' yet!

8 articles for web publishers

Those web publishers sure like their numbers, don't they? So here are 8 articles web publishers should get their heads around * 5 Resolutions To Grow And Maintain Email Lists * 5 Tips for Optimizing Your Social Media Content * 5 Ways to Effectively Manage Your Online Reputation * 6 skills of a great Web analyst * 8 ways to get more people to read your content * Facebook Apps' Access to Contact InfoConcerns Security Experts * Creating Online Video Content that is Worth Watching * Why you should run your website like a magazine... and more 8 articles for web publishers

End crooked photos

We really have to ask ourselves if this is really necessary -- but the idea is so novel, I had to include it here. Hunter Research has come up with a concept called gyroCam to help you straighten up. End crooked photos

3D Photo gallery without Flash?

While we don't like, nor recommend Flash photo galleries, if you insist, this will make your life easier. So, if you really want for more robust photo galleries for the web, maybe you need a 3D photo gallery. But maybe you just haven't had the time to learn Flash well enough to take the plunge. 3D Photo gallery without Flash?

Frame it with LightFrame

Digital camera users and graphic designers might want to take a spin in this new set of tools from Corner-A. This new version of LightFrame offers new tools: text tool, sprite layers, crop & resize, as well as brings new resources and built-in presets to make it even easier to build a unique frame.

Marketing Update : 1102-14

Spring is coming -- get your marketing act in high gear:
* Strategy First When Integrating Social Media and Direct Marketing
* The ROI of Real-Time Marketing and PR
* An Alternative to Procurement
* The Art of the Checkin: From Location to Content to Brand
* 6 Lessons from 5 Companies That Use Social Media
* U.S. Paid Search Budgets Forecast To Rise 15%
* Email Resolutions You Can Keep ... Marketing Update : 1102-14

First Friday Creative Tidbits

Okay ... for all creatives involved in visual communications, our First Friday creative tidbits this issue includes : * World class typography projects * What makes an enticing poster? * 7 Predictions for the Creative Community * Gent: Scheppende Stad * Hand-drawn Monograms * and several others. First Friday Creative Tidbits

60-Second Window

My "60-seconds" was the second column I started back in 1988, along with DTG. Its original purpose was to tackle issues, provide insights, and share tips and tricks with attendees to my various seminars around the country. It continues today as my blog, where each post is intended to be enjoyed in just 60 seconds or so. (Sometimes they go a little longer!) The most recent posts are:
* Pump-n-Dump is BACK - regarding "pump and dump" stock market scams.
* Can Government Prevent a DDoS Attack. Pass this along.
* Connecting Your TV to the Internet: excellent book excerpt tutorial... Stay tuned to 60-seconds! Enjoy

Twenty One Marches

Sounds like a parade song doesn't it! Well, this is our 21st March and our 16th Designing Women issue. We love sharing design, typography and graphics in the pages of DTG online!


  • APRIL & MAY: Spring Color - our annual look at colors and color trends. Join the fun and suggest your color favorites.
  • JUNE: Digital Summer - once warm weather hits we'll be on the road with the digital lifestyle -- including some real fun with your digital cameras, you iPad and other mobile devices.
  • JULY: It's hot -- but your hottest profits in the graphic design biz just might take you outside for some fresh air and fun. Stay tuned

March is brought to you by the letter "M"
March is brought to you by the color 4-leaf clover, good luck

* PUBLISHERS' WAREHOUSE: In this month's Loading Dock download section, you'll find a ton of new clip art samples, and some we cannot mention here ... but we know you'll enjoy.

Let's celebrate Women's History Month together ... here's a great start try any of these ... don't blame me if you're still at it when dinner time rolls around!

Once again you've wasted a perfectly good hour reading the DTG newsletter. Hopefully all is not wasted and you've gained at least one helpful tidbit of info --

Fred Showker
      Fred Showker
      Editor / Publisher, DT&G Magazine

      "Men make houses, women make homes."
            Ancient Chinese proverb


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