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Gertrudis Graphics GMX-PhotoPainter for Mac OS XGertrudis Graphics has released its new GMX-PhotoPainter for Mac OS X. GMX-PhotoPainter is a standalone software solution that transforms an image (generally a photo) into an original artwork. With GMX-PhotoPainter, artists can start with an existing picture such as from a digital camera or scanner, a 3D rendering or painting from another program or imaging application.

GMX-PhotoPainter first performs a topological analysis of the image's content and builds a matrix of flow direction vectors. Users can then paint a few quick strokes across the desired features of their image. GMX-PhotoPainter uses this information to generate something that looks more like hand-drawn masterpieces.

Gertrudis Graphics GMX-PhotoPainter for Mac OS X

Realistic imitations of traditional media: While one of the main goals of GMX-PhotoPainter is enabling users to create their own styles, there are a number of standard, "ready to use" styles which successfully imitate traditional media: Watercolor, Oil painting, Crayon, and Pen & Ink. Each of these comes in different sizes, and levels of details.

Custom Styles: GMX-PhotoPainter for Mac OS X lets the user create its own style from the ground up, with a deep level of customization, including the shape of the brush, texture, color sampling technique, width, length, and many more features. There are in fact more than 40 different parameters, organized from the most common parameters like width, length, transparency, to more sophisticated parameters like color variation, pen & ink behavior and others.

  • Realistic imitations of the traditional media: Watercolor, Oil, Crayon, and others
  • Advanced Style Management: It lets creating variations of the existing styles or create new styles from scratch
  • Automatic drawing: There is one tool called "Autosketch" which lets the designer choose the option of giving the direction of the strokes in an automatic way. This is done by its exclusive flow analysis algorithm
  • Wacom Tablet support: GMX-PhotoPainter for Mac can take advantage of the "Pressure Sensitiveness" feature of any wacom tablet or complatible device

High Performance Core and Native Mac OS X Look-and-Feel: The GMX-PhotoPainter core has been completely rewritten from scratch in highly optimized C++, this produces a natural response to the painting operations in real time. Also the User Interface was written using the native Mac OS X Framework: Cocoa / Objective C. Thus GMX-PhotoPainter for Mac is a native Mac OS X application that closely follows Apple Human Interface Guidelines. Thus obtaining the natural look of the Mac applications.

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Located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Gertrudis Graphics is a privately held company established by independent developer, Enrique Nieloud. Gertrudis Graphics produces and sells Digital Painting Applications. It has published painting Applications for the PC/Windows market, and now is introducing GMX-PhotoPainter for Mac OS X. Copyright (C) 2010 Gertrudis Graphics. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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