Logo Design Studio Pro

by Staff

While I don't recommend trying to design your own logo -- unless you're a trained graphic designer -- for good results on all kinds of graphics projects this vector drawing program offers some real graphic power...

Macware Logo Design Studio Pro Macware has released the latest version of Logo Design Studio Pro. Logo Design Studio Pro is a full-fledged vector illustration and drawing application that allows you to quickly design and use professional business logos and graphics at a fraction of the cost design agencies and online companies charge.

The new update to Logo Design Studio Pro adds many new design options, improves overall usability, and fixes all reported bugs from earlier versions. The latest version features:

  • Added Print option
  • Added Multiple selection using Cmd key
  • Added Zoom Out and Zoom In buttons to toolbar
  • Added Millimeter measurement to Canvas
  • Added editing support for grouped selections
  • Added Skew slider
  • Added Baseline support to Text strokes
  • Added multiple node editing and Undo / Redo
  • Added option to export only selected items on the canvas
  • Added support to see and move objects that are off the canvas
  • Improved import of Raster graphics
  • Improved node support
  • Improved editing of text font properties using Font Window

Logo Design Studio Pro

With the growing demand for logos and identifying graphics in today's global market, Logo Design Studio Pro packages the powerful design process into a software program that anyone can use. For those needing a creative jumpstart, over 500 pre-designed logo templates and 1300 pre-designed SVG logo objects help drive your focus to a unique look that gets noticed. Professionals will find the flexible vector features an excellent resource for creating an unlimited number of new designs, along with the large assortment of fully editable SVG object samples...a major creative advantage that no other software application offers.

GO Logo Design Studio Pro

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