Organic book nominated for the Designs of the Year award 2013!

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Fred Showker blogs about Kapitza awardsKapitza's Organic book has been nominated for the London Design Museum's Designs of the Year award 2013! -- 'The Oscars of the design world' showcases the most innovative and imaginative designs from around the world, over the past year, spanning seven categories: Architecture, Digital, Fashion, Furniture, Graphics, Transport and Product. Category winners and the overall winner will be decided by a jury and announced to the public on 17 April 2013.

You can see nominations on display in the Designs of the Year exhibition at the museum from 20 March to 7 July 2013.

A brief overview of the Organic project

At the cutting edge of contemporary pattern design, Organic showcases 220 dazzling previously unpublished artworks, created through a unique process and using over 200 custom designed pattern fonts.


Kapitza are unique in their use and manipulation of the font. They utilize fonts as tools to create their artworks where every font is different and distinctive in style and character. The incredible diversity of textures, patterns, colours and visual synergies that their fonts deliver, comes from a playful but exacting process of analysis, discovering what happens when a particular font character is acutely and elaborately pushed to extremes in order to create orders, configurations and themes that might not exist otherwise.


Kapitza's work sits in a growing world of pattern appreciation and application, whether in art, design, fashion and textiles, architecture and interiors. Pattern has enjoyed an undeniable cultural resurgence of late, where decoration has made a joyful return to the private and public domain alike through such things as wallpaper, printed fashion fabrics or the recent re-evaluation of period London Underground seat upholstery. Pattern is now a fundamental of contemporary life.


Organic absolutely emphasizes Kapitza's continuing love for pattern art and creation through chance and controlled randomness. It is a thorough and dynamic body of work, which pushes into fresh creative territory and provides new, original insights for font software and design.

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Even if you don't purchase or use the fonts from kapitza, the book is still a visual masterpiece -- and will look very good in your studio, office, or home coffee table! We guarantee you'll like it!

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