Vectoring realistic wedding rings

by Fred Showker

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Adding the finishing touches

For the inside shape you will follow the instructions from the first ring. After you have obtained the shape you need, just duplicate the basic form of the first ring, paste it in front, select both the inside shape of the second ring and the basic form of the first ring, go to the Pathfinder pallete and use the Exclude overlapping shape areas.

overlapping, joining rings

Click Expand and, by using the Direct Selection Tool, delete the parts that you no longer need. Keep using these two methods for the parts of the second ring that needs to be deleted (Eraser and the Pathfinder pallete).

STEP 9 - Adding Depth It's time to add more depth to our wedding rings. To do this we need to add shadows and lights. Using the Pen Tool (shortcut P) create a shape like the one in the image, fill it with a gradient containing the darkest colors you will use in this design (for example, the rings contain a variety of colors starting with a bright yellow and ending with a bright brown), such as dark browns.

definins shadows

Using the Gradient Tool (shortcut G), set the orientation of the gradient keeping in mind where the light is coming from. Now change the Color Blending Mode, found in the Transparency panel, and set it to Multiply, then lower the opacity to about 9-10%.

defining the highlights STEP 10 - Creating the lights is almost the same, except for the fact that you use the same gradient as you used for the rings, then you change the Blending Mode to Lighten and set the Opacity to about 25 - 30%.

making shadows where the ring layers overlap

STEP 11 - Using the Star Tool, create a nice 10 or 12 corner star and make it white. For an extra glowing effect you can duplicate the star using Ctrl + C, paste it in front of the old one: Ctrl + F, then apply the Gaussian Blur Filter, found in the Effect drop-down list. Set the Radius of the glow as you see fit. Now your rings really shine!

the star tool

There you go! Now you have two realistic, beautiful wedding rings!

GO Here, you can view the final results

This Adobe Illustrator tutorial was sent in by Adrian from, a small design studio providing high-quality stock vectors and design elements.

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