Logoist makes cool effects, not logos

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 Logoist makes cool effects, not logos

Synium Software welcomes two new products: Logoist and TerraRay. AvisNoctura Software has joined Synium Software which now sells all applications from Avis Nocturna under the Synium brand. Developer, pricing, rapid update cycle and customer support stay the same. Have a look at these exciting apps:

Logoist: Logos, Title Art, Icons, Banners, Web Site Elements, Greeting Card Headings, Buttons, iBooks Author Titles, Picture Collages.... you name it! Create stunning images with Logoist for Mac. Logoist allows you to design images using layers, sophisticated effects and eye-catching shaders. Logoist comes with a large collection of effect presets, clipart and patterns free for you to use in your projects!

Logoist is the perfect tool to create stunning title artwork in minutes. Quickly try out different layouts, fonts and styles without using a complicated and expensive application that requires a degree to use. Export your work either for websites in standard screen resolution or save it as print-ready images in up to 600dpi.

Logoist for Mac requires OS X 10.6 and higher, 10.8. Mountain Lion is fully supported. Logoist offers iCloud integration for storing files in the Cloud and sync them with other Macs.


TerraRay: TerraRay is an easy-to-use terrain rendering suite made for Mac OS X. Create stunning artwork without learning a complicated and expensive 3D application, TerraRay allows you to create realistic landscape images with just a few clicks while offering many advanced features for you to explore.


TerraRay features a state-of-the-art renderer which can simulate very realistic lighting using a global illumination algorithm. Every surface in your scenery reflects light onto other surfaces as in reality.

Create any type of material in TerraRay you can imagine: Earth, Sand, Rocks, Ice, Snow, Grass, Mud...TerraRay comes with many preset materials you can assign on any part of the terrain using different material layers.

TerraRay requires OS X 10.6.8 Snow Leopard or later. OS X 10.7 Lion and OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion are fully supported. TerraRay sells for a special introduction price of just 9.99 USD instead of 19.99 USD. Available in Mac App Store and Synium Web Store. iCloud integration requires Mac App Store version. Category: Graphics & Design, Photography, Art, Video

Logoist By Synium Software GmbH Logoist By Synium Software GmbH
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