Milton Glaser: To Inform and Delight

by Fred Showker

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Milton Glaser posed at the Art

What is art?Glaser used monoprint technique to illustrate the Divine Comedy

The segment about a series of illustrations for the book "The Divine Comedy", to me is one of the most fascinating passages in the movie. As they scroll through various proofs and prints for the book, Milton remembers using the monoprint technique for the illustrations. Monoprinting is traditionally an art form reserved only for framable prints simply because by their nature, each one is unique.

We learn quite often, Milton would select what is considered a fine arts media or technique to express the message in a certain way. From painting to crayon sketches to scratchboard the medium would suggest its use as the appropriate way to achieve a certain look and feel.

quoting Works that are too preconceived tend to go dead -- they become inert and less lively. Work that responds to the peculiarities of the moment tend to be more energized. end quote

Pondering the meaning of art, and the role it has played in society over the centuries, Milton reflects on this aspect, once again drawing from his vast knowledge of history...

quoting There's a wonderful book I've quoted most of my life, by Lewis Hyde called 'The Gift.' Basically, it says this gift giving which occurs in primitive cultures, one tribe to another, is a device for pacifying others and establishing relationships -- is what artists do. They basically create the commonalities, the symbolism, so that people feel as though they have some relationship to one another. When people don't feel they have that relationship, they kill each other. So, that role of providing common ground is absolutely essential to civilization. end quote

To Inform & Delight

quoting The truth is, I've been looking for a definition of what art is, all my life -- without fully understanding exactly what it encompasses. But in the course of doing a speech I found several references -- on by Horace, who was a critic and poet back in Roman times, 1st century. He had this great line: 'The purpose of art is to inform and delight.' Wow. You can't get much better than that. end quote

the documentary about Milton Glaser TO INFORM & DELIGHTAs Milton himself sums it up, we can all be in agreement. You just can't get any better than this.

Get the film because you'll want to watch it more than once. If you have a studio, or an agency, get the film because you'll want to share it with those you work with. If you are in education or training, get the film because you will want to make it an integral part of the student's experience. At the very least, watch it -- enjoy it and learn from it.

You'll be glad you did -- I guarantee it!

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