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StuffIt Deluxe 2010Smith Micro brings us yet another, fully improved StuffIt Deluxe 2010 for Mac. The new Snow Leopard-compatible release includes StuffIt Connect, a new cloud-based file transfer service that lets users share large files without the hassle of email attachments or FTP.

StuffIt of image files, audio files, PDFs and Microsoft Office documentsStuffIt continues to provide best-in-class compression technology for pixel-perfect compression of image files, audio files, PDFs and Microsoft Office documents. StuffIt works with virtually all files and compression formats, such as zip, to satisfy all users' personal and professional needs and ensure that all their photos, music, videos, PowerPoint presentations and other large files are shared or stored securely.

StuffIt Deluxe 2010 eliminates the constraints of email attachments by automatically redirecting large files to the new StuffIt Connect web service. Recipients receive invitations via email that contain a link to the hosted file, which lets them download shared files quickly and easily. Users can access and create invitations to share content from any Internet-connected device, including iPhones and other smartphones. StuffIt Connect protects files with powerful 512bit RC4 encryption technology and offers users the ability to further protect download links with password access to ensure files can only be opened by the intended recipient.

StuffItCreative professionals such as advertising executives, graphic designers and photographers can use StuffIt as their personal assistant to prevent unexpected and sometimes lengthy delays in sending files, reduce the risk of losing valuable information and end the worrying that confidential data is unprotected. For example, a busy advertising agency can use the new StuffIt Connect to share large files with multiple designers, musicians and other colleagues at a moment's notice without the limitations of email attachments, FTP connections or overnighting critical data.

StuffIt Deluxe 2010 for Mac Features and Benefits:

  1. StuffIt Connect - A new kind of file transfer service that offers a fast, easy and secure way to share and store up to 2GB of files
  2. StuffIt SmartSend - Takes the guesswork out of sending large files via email; users simply select the files and choose "Stuff and Mail" from the Magic Menu in the Finder's menu bar. Small files are automatically compressed and attached to a new email message, while larger items are automatically uploaded to a secure website via StuffIt Connect
  3. Plug-In Support for Photo Applications - Access all the power of StuffIt directly from popular photo editing applications iPhoto and Aperture with StuffIt plug-ins
  4. Create Disk Image (DMG) - Offers the convenience of creating disk image files (DMG) directly from Magic Menu by simply selecting files to add to a disk image, and choosing "Create Disk Image" from the Magic Menu
  5. Improved Image Compression - StuffIt Deluxe 2010 offers improved pixel-perfect compression of PNG, TIFF and other 24 bit image formats
  6. Improved Audio Compression - StuffIt Deluxe 2010 introduces optimized compression of WAV audio files

StuffIt Deluxe 2010 for Mac is $79.99. Registered users of any previous version of StuffIt Deluxe or StuffIt Standard for Mac can upgrade to the full StuffIt Deluxe 2009 for Mac for just $29.99.

SStuffIt Deluxe 2010 for Mac

StuffIt Deluxe 2010 for MacSmith Micro Software, Inc., headquartered in Aliso Viejo, California, with offices in Europe and Asia, develops mobility solutions that enable seamless broadband connectivity and next generation media and mobile convergence products over wireless networks.
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