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  • Kill DTP problems before they start Have you ever worked for hours and hours only to have your Adobe, Quark or Microsoft file crap out due to some unknown bogyman? If you use Adobe CS4, QuarkXPress 8, and Microsoft Office, Insider Software's Smasher will be a smart addition to your arsenal of DTP tools
  • Adobe Photoshop File Recovery The worst nightmare of the graphic artist and photographer is having a photo file or Photoshop file refuse to open -- or the entire card refuses to open -- or the card appears to be empty. It happens to a lot of people. Disk Doctors' Photo Recovery software now has enhanced support for recovering Adobe Photoshop files.
  • Client Folder Maker Any business where computers are used in the production of client work must have competent tracking, and archiving of those client work work files. Here's one of particular note for DTPers, movie production or web designers
  • Apple blocking Push Notifications? Careful: if you're using a so-called "hacktivated" iPhone then many apps you purchase may not work. You call support, or inquire in forums, etc., but the fault may not be the app -- but Apple's 'push' servers actually blocking your querry. PoweryBase has tracking data ...
  • Toys with AUGMENTED REALITY You knew it was coming -- it was only a question of time. Mattel has demonstrated a new line of action figures based on the upcoming epic action-adventure film, "Avatar", that will include virtual reality linked through immersive technologies.
  • Barcodes for QuarkXPress and Adobe InDesign Chartbot Barcodes is the only Quark / InDesign barcode package that lets users generate 1D, 2D and postal barcodes directly within their favourite variable-data extended technology module without using barcode fonts.
  • iPhone Barcode Scanner (Free) There are so many uses for a barcode scanner in today's world, if you're an iPhone user, take a serious look at the Cyclops -- simply click the scan button, take a picture of the barcode, and Cyclops does the rest.
  • Clipart for Pages and iWork Jumsoft has expanded its selection of Pages Clipart images designed to illustrate presentations, invitations, Web pages, posters, newsletters, and a variety of other documents.
  • Free Comics Keynote Theme For those Keynote users out there, here's a free Keynote theme that will put your presentation in the Comics. While not necessarily recommended for all topics, this new theme sports numerous cool features, and will captivate your audience
  • WebShot Accurate Web Capture For years we've wanted a good, accurate means of capturing pages from the web. A screen grab gives us a single big-mapped graphic. Printing to PDF gives us some text and some graphics, but they are impossible to break apart. But that may all be changing.
  • Employee Monitoring for Mac In today's economy, employers are becoming more and more sensitive to the productivity of their employees. To some, it seems like an invastion of privacy. But the bottom line of a business depends on making every minute count.
  • 4 Ways to Edit the Read-only PDF files China's Gerry Jingrong provides some ideas for working with read-only Adobe Acrobat PDF files -- what do you do when you need to edit or revise an un-editable PDF file?
  • Taking payment Online Do you sell anything on your web site? Sanjou Gokhool takes a brief look at options available for taking payment online - PayPal, Merchant, Accounts, credit card processing, Verisign and other ecommerce transactions
  • Give'er the Juicz You lifted off from Dulles three hours ago, you're somewhere over Utah -- your laptop is dead, and your presentation is not done yet. Sound familiar? Do you travel with your MacBook? Do you dread snooping around for a power outlet -- then digging out the cables and charger? Don't you wish you didn't have to be tethered to a wall outlet and had another five hours? Well, here'ya go ...
  • EOS Digital Rebel Companion Learn how to take pro-quality shots with your Canon EOS Digital Rebel T1i/500 and get your digital photography questions answered -- it's the Canon EOS Digital Rebel T1i/500D field guide with expert author Ben Long
  • Architectural Photography Adrian Schulz shows you the finer points of Architectural Photography -- Composition, Capture, and Digital Image Processing and how architects are discovering exciting new opportunities to present and market their work.
  • MacBook Air External Battery/Charger Remember the days when we had all kinds of schemes to get from one coast to the other on a single laptop battery charge? Then, with more powerful Laptops, we resorted to taking along an extra battery. QuickerTek's extended life battery changes all that for the MacBook Air
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