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  • Shareware publishing power Do you market a shareware product? Ergonis Software has produced SharewarePublisher a new software submission tool and assistant for Mac OS X -- makes submitting software applications to leading software listing sites and repositories incredibly easy. SharewarePublisher ships with almost 200 pre-configured shareware sites, with carefully hand-tuned ratings/priorities.
  • Invoicing on the Mac OS X Involer, the home and small business invoicing application has been updated and now offers many new features including a new 'Reports' feature, that allows users to create custom reports of their invoicing history, perfect for keeping track of company sales, and earnings. Praised for being one of the easiest to use invoicing applications, Involer is gradually transforming into one of the top players in the Mac invoicing field.
  • Keep Your Word upgraded Keep Your Word lets you build your own dictionary, classifying and grouping the terms exactly how you want to, while helping you to learn the longest list of words thanks to its different exercise modes. Keep Your Word supports all the character sets that your Mac supports, so you can write any word in the world.
  • 9,000 USBs at the Dry Cleaners 9,000 USBs at the Dry Cleaners -- Data hung out to dry as 9,000 USBs left in Dry Cleaners -- a survey released by Texas based data security experts Credant Technologies is a wake-up call to keep your eye on your stuff!
  • Photoshop CS4 Photographer's Handbook Photoshop CS4 Photographer's Handbook a clear and effective workflow for editing photographs in Photoshop CS4 by Stephen Laskevitch, Luminous Works and Adobe Certified Instructor
  • iMovie '09 & iDVD: The Missing Manual It's a real pain digging through Apple's help screens. You get a tidbit here, then go elsewhere for the next tidbit -- it's help obviously written by an engineer who doesn't actually use the programs. But the Missing Manual concept gives you both the tidbits, and essential task oriented, step by step tutorials that get you off and running in no time!
  • iWork '09: The Missing Manual This book quickly guides you through everything you need to know about the Pages word-processor, the Numbers spreadsheet, and the Keynote presentation program that Al Gore and Steve Jobs made famous. Unlike those guys, you've got real work to do -- and you can't rely on the help files. This is the manual you'll need.
  • Keynote's elegant new themes Who would have thought such elegance would come from Lithuania??? Keynote Zone has launched their new theme resource specifically for Apple's Keynote. With a passion for new possibilities, KZ designers combined their creative energy to come up with a package of professionally designed ready-to-use themes for Apple's Keynote application. Five new Keynote themes are now available for sale in standard or HD formats at brand new Keynote Zone site.
  • End Boring Presentations We've written about FotoMagico before. Now, FotoMagico 3 raises the bar for all storytelling software for digital photographers. FotoMagico 3 introduces many new features to create professional slideshows in pristine quality. FotoMagico 3 makes it easy to mix photos with HD movies as provided by many recent DSLRs. With support for multiple audio tracks and an integrated audio recorder, every show can be enhanced with soundtrack, audio effects and narration.
  • PDF into Web Site with new publishing platform Here's a novel idea -- PDF into Web Site with new publishing platform simple, self-service solution -- PageTurnPro transforms PDFs into online publications in five minutes. Be sure to check out the demos, and turn the pages with your mouse!
  • Auto-serialization for InDesign Zevrix Solutions has updated their InPreflight Pro, the quality control, packaging automation and file info reporting solution for Adobe InDesign. InPreflight quickly gathers extensive information about document fonts, colors and links and lets users instantly locate potential problems according to preflight presets. The new version allows system administrators to automatically serialize InPreflight Pro for large-scale distribution.
  • New iWeb Themes iWebTemplate has added a bunch of new iWeb themes for anyone who uses Apple's Website building application, iWeb. iWeb Themes 4.0 includes five new great themes: Blossoms, Couple, Eyes Fire, Garden and Theatre. Each iWeb theme has ten templates instead of the ordinary eight. The new release extends iWebTemplate's iWeb themes collection up to eighty one themes. Each iWeb template incorporates a number of different graphic elements which can be easily removed, moved and changed.
  • Ultimate Theme for RapidWeaver If you use RapidWeaver, check out TW002 r4, a new Ultimate Theme for RapidWeaver 4. seyDoggy has transformed this once limited theme into a versatile RapidWeaver template capable of fitting the needs of just about any industry. TW002 is ExtraContent enabled, featuring width options, split navigation, comprehensive color control, custom headers, header effects, font control, and RWmultitool ready.
  • DATAform for InDesign CS4 and QuarkXPress 8 The DATAform module for both InDesign CS4 and QuarkXPress 8 now provides a bi-directional connection between a user's database and the layout application. Any InDesign or QuarkXPress boxes and all of their properties can be defined within simple ASCII-text -- awesome desktop publishing power!
  • Contact grabber Mac OS X WhoPaste is a contact grabber utility for Mac OS X that supports creating contacts in Google Contacts, Entourage, or the Mac OS X Address Book. Version 1.1 extends the power of WhoPaste to spreadsheets allowing the extraction of multiple contacts in a single keystroke.
  • Voice-To-Text for iPhone QuickVoice PRO Recorder 1.1 is a popular recorder featuring high tech Voice-to-Text emailing. QuickVoice's Voice-to-Text technology is powered by SpinVox, the world's largest commercial speech platform. QuickVoice Pro users will be able to use their iPhones to record short voice messages, which are automatically converted to perfectly formatted text emails by SpinVox and sent to the email inbox of the user's choice.
  • PopChar Reverse Searching for Fonts Thousands of Mac users have for years used PopChar for finding and inserting special characters. PopChar now allows reverse searching, i.e., searching for fonts that contain a particular character -- even jump directly to the marked character in a favored font.
  • Get Framed for iPhone and iPod Touch here comes another great app for iPhone and iPod Touch where you crop, scale, enhance, and frame any photo in your Photo Gallery. You get 96 themed frames in twelve categories designed specifically to spice up your iPhone experience -- so Get Framed
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