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The 15th annual Fall Fonts Fest wraps up this month with yet more
excursions into the wonderful world of typography, fonts, letterforms,
calligraphy, and everything doing in fonts and type!
It all happens under the Typography tab!

* http://www.graphic-design.com/typography

We also have two field trips this month one goes back in time, and
one goes 'back to the future' into a renown painter's studio.
There's also the new "sweet tweets" with a Helvetica quiz, a
visit to Vrya's studio for Photoshop collage techniques, and
the newly updated "Visual Proofreading Rules" (by reader request)


02. October Surf's Up for Fonts

It's October again and our annual fonts surf continues with more
typographic discoveries including A Charming Font, and a special
Halloween font from Graham Meade; some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
thanks to Neale Davidson, new Ambigrams; the logo for a community
website called Typedia; and a glowing love for the ampersand!

* http://graphic-design.com/typography/fonts/october-surfs-fonts


03. Delicious typography discoveries

The 15th Annual Fall Fonts Festival fonts surf ends with and look at
some spectacular examples of most unusual typography from Google
Earth land mass lettering to beautiful scripts in the sand

* http://graphic-design.com/typography/fonts/delicious-typography-discoveries


04. Michael Doret: Deliscript Font

Our good friend and master graphics expert Michael Doret is back with
a fabulous new OpenType font that does more tricks than you've ever
seen! Just get a load of Michael's wonderful
Deliscript font!

* http://graphic-design.com/typography/fonts/michael-doret-deliscript-font


05. Typography: Cooper Misunderstood

The Cooper typeface is quite often misunderstood by the graphic
design community -- but they're usually thinking about Cooper Black,
when the Cooper Old Style type family is quite a nice face!

* http://graphic-design.com/typography/fonts/cooper-misunderstood


06. Photoshop: Stock Images in Collages

Following links to what some people call "best tutorials" can often
lead you down a dead-end street. Not so at Vrya's Tangled Synthesis
web site! Her tutorials are quality! This one shows how she weaves
stock images into the movie and TV show montages and collages
she's become famous for!

* http://graphic-design.com/photoshop/tutorial/photoshop-stock-images-coll...


07. Visual Proofreading: 10 Rules

Visual proofreading helps you cull out the visual mistakes just like
you would typos. It's an important step in the design process that helps
you sharpen your design skills and produce better publications.

10 Rules for Visual Proofreading

* http://graphic-design.com/design/desktop-publishing/visual-proofreading-...

(Originally published in the early 1990s, this article
is even more important today! Now updated.)


08. William Morris: Art Nouveau Style

William Morris is probably the most recognized individual in the entire
Art Nouveau movement -- but what most people don't know is that he also
contributed his style and art vision to type and typography as well.

* http://graphic-design.com/typography/design/william-morris-art-nouveau-s...


09. Drew Struzan: legend in movie posters

You may not know who Drew Struzan is, but you know his work.
He's the genius behind popular movie posters and a true master of
this generation's painter / illustrators ...

* http://graphic-design.com/gallery/field-trip/drew-struzan-legend-movie-p...


10. So you think you can Helvetica?

the author has taken 20 logos that were originally designed in Helvetica,
and redone them in Arial. Test your skills and see which one is Helvetica.

I got them all except MATEL.
The upper case versions are the hardest.
Watch the lower case 'a' and 'e' for clues.

* http://www.ironicsans.com/helvarialquiz/


11. Mailbag: Richard likes Spumoni font...

Richard from Oregon writes:
> "As an illustrator, doing Opera posters and tshirts,
> I have found the font "Spumoni" to be a perennial favorite.
> It is bold. thick and thin based on Bodoni, but the
> letters are slightly canted on their axis giving a jaunty
> warm humorous feel, yet retaining power & legibility and power..."

Richard uses 24" iMac 2.4GHz intel core2 duo and mostly Freehand X,
although Adobe CS4 suite installed. Richard gets our book of the
month, if he sends in his address.

See Spumoni here:
* http://bit.ly/WW2tB


12. Photoshop: Photoshop 911 tip of the month

Hawkeye helps a reader Putting Color into a Black and White Image ...
Hawkeye says:
> There are a number of methods that work.
> I like solid color adjustment layers, usually set to
> color blending mode. Using a mask allows you to
> change things, including colors, without starting over.

see the image: http://bit.ly/1wYYl6

here's the thread
* http://www.dtg-forums.com/forum/showthread.php?t=3850


13. Jade Plugin for Adobe Photoshop

Here's the new Jade Plugin -- a digital image processing plugin for
Adobe Photoshop. Enhance color, contrast and dynamic range, with this
easy-to-use image enhancement tool -- automatically improve
digital images directly in Adobe Photoshop.

* http://graphic-design.com/photoshop/resources/jade-plugin-adobe-photoshop


14. Time billing gets iBiz upgrade

Creatives always find it difficult to stay on top of estimating, time
tracking and billing. iBiz now offers Mac users for time-tracking,
billing and project management designed to help free-lancers and
small business owners stay on top of their billing

* http://graphic-design.com/business/management/time-billing-gets-ibiz-upg...


15. Fun & Games: Thweet Tweets...

http://bit.ly/vwTnN = Got Water?
http://su.pr/1MHRrt = 30 Beautiful Custom PC Case Designs
http://bit.ly/1h1Zc = You're not paid to think
http://ow.ly/sgqCabout = Retro Sign: thanks to Chuck Green
http://bit.ly/4jWThg = Vadi Tkachev's Flickr photostream (WOW)
http://bit.ly/19tRIS = Yale Logo Redo... love it?
http://bit.ly/BCf4 = How NOT to use PowerPoint

If you TWEET on TWITTER, then TWEET us at:

* http://twitter.com/DTG_Magazine

Watch for a new department coming to the Design Center: Sweet Tweets


See my latest 60-Second Window about tweet sleaze


16. The Faces of Design Awards 2010

Deadline: December 15th; deadline for early bird registration October 31st

* http://facesofdesign.com/design-competition/faces-of-design-awards-2010


17. Mailbag: Augmented Reality revisited

You may remember our article about Matel's new product that leverages
digital media utilizing "augmented reality."

Well, last week my brother emailed these two links to add to the
excitement about this new technology:

http://bit.ly/9C0jj = GE's 'Smart Grid'
http://bit.ly/iNCJs = Wal-Mart's Early Use Of Augmented Reality

Original article
* http://www.graphic-design.com/news/2009/Mattel_Avatar.html


18. 60 Seconds: The Internet's Last Day

Well, it has happened. September 30 marked the last day of the internet
as we know it. The body that oversees the web has ended its agreement
with the US government. Good or bad, am I paranoid? Maybe.

* http://graphic-design.com/60-seconds/icann/internets-last-day


19. &Else News

&Else news items now flow into the regular flow of the site and blogs.
We have had some comments on some of the items and we invite you to
comment as well. Most recently:
* Jade Plugin for Adobe Photoshop
* Time billing gets iBiz upgrade
* Watermarking in Aperture
* Rename files in bulk
* Apple Keynote Take Two Redux Themes and others.

You can always get the latest by clicking any tag named "news"

* http://www.graphic-design.com/tags/news


20. October fun with graphic design

All through the month, we'll be updating the site with more typography
treats (that didn't make it in time for this newsletter,) and beginning
articles for the holidays. We'll also be delving into the realm of
"negative space" with articles and layouts to help you
utilize white space more effectively.

The bad news:

Since moving to the Drupal CMS server, we've uncovered thousands of
broken links. There are way too many to fix, although we continue
to trudge through them fixing as many as we can.

If you've bookmarked a link, or Googled a link that no longer works,
please let me know. I can't stand broken links, and am totally
embarrassed that so many are in the design center.

Opening the Holidays:

in the next 60 days, we'll be exploring cool self-promotional ideas
for the holidays, and again, discovering little known tips and tricks
for using Photoshop and InDesign for those promos. Stay tuned.

October is brought to you by the letter "O" http://bit.ly/Anm9s
and the color Orange http://bit.ly/2yhhTX because you may want to
try a little Pumpkin craft this month! http://bit.ly/14YLFE

Contact us, share, tweet, or even author your own articles for
DTG and the Design Center. Just click any of the links at the
top of the right-hand columns on any page.

* http://www.graphic-design.com/

Thanks for reading...

Fred Showker

Fred Showker, Editor / Publisher, DT&G Magazine


Thoughts for October:

"He that falls in love with himself
will have no rivals"
Benjamin Franklin

PS: if you've made it this far, excellent! The Publishers Warehouse
features lots of great clip art, fonts, and all kinds of Photoshop stuff!

Now, can you guess how many years we've had the Fonts Fest?
Well, that's the NUMBER to put after the slash...
... got it?




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