Master of Digital Arts

by Staff

Goucher College has launched and is accepting applications for its Master of Arts in Digital Arts (MADArts), a limited-residency online degree that allows students who are interested in music, digital culture, and media to create a marketable body of work in collaboration with well-known, working digital artists.

Goucher College Master of Arts in Digital Arts (MADArts)

MADArts -- the only program of its kind in the nation -- helps develop students' talents and creativity while giving them real-world experiences and teaching them about the business of digital art so they can finance, advertise, and manage their careers.

Key components of the MADArts program include distinguished, experienced faculty members who help inspire students to generate new ideas and refine existing ideas so they can create a polished, marketable portfolio that they can present to potential collaborators or employers.

Additionally, Goucher's MADArts coursework is conducted as a limited-residency, distance-education program, meaning classes are primarily held online and are complemented with two one-week residencies on the college's suburban Baltimore campus.

This format allows the program to recruit the best faculty from across the nation and draw a diverse student population, and it gives students enormous flexibility to fit the program around their daily lives. Throughout the course of the academic year, students and faculty maintain close contact using online, interactive classrooms, as well as other forms of written and verbal communication.

The limited residency and workshop components provide face-to-face interaction and fieldwork with faculty and other students in the program. Students are also offered opportunities to travel with faculty and peers to important events in the music, multimedia, and digital-arts world to meet with influential people who can help them advance creatively and professionally.

Goucher's MADArts program is among the college's distance-learning graduate programs

Deborah A. Cebula, director of professional graduate programs and lifelong learning says:

Quoting  begins Our students will graduate knowing they are top notch in their thinking and their craft. At Goucher, we are very proud of our position as leaders in limited-residency graduate education so we can free our students to work and learn in the real world while learning with the best in the field.Quoting  ends

Students complete 40 credits, as well as work on their portfolio throughout the program, to earn the Master of Arts in Digital Arts. Required courses include Free and Open Source Art and Technology, Digital Ethics and Intellectual Property, Media on the Internet, as well as at least four required courses from the Management curriculum, including Communications, Financial Skills, Leadership and Self-Development, and Managing Organizations.

The application deadline is October 15. To learn more, read class descriptions and faculty bios, or apply, visit

Goucher's MADArts program is the newest offering among the college's pioneering distance-learning graduate programs, which also include master of arts programs in cultural sustainability, arts administration, creative nonfiction, and historic preservation, as well as a broad range of graduate programs in education.

Quoting  begins Graduate education today is radically different from what it was even 10 years ago ... Recognizing that times change, Goucher set out to bring together a cluster of new professional graduate programs that honor our liberal arts roots with theory and discipline, but, just as importantly, provide our graduates with the real-world education of management, technology, and networks -- the keys to making a living while doing what you love. Quoting  ends


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