Kia ora! That’s hello! from New Zealand

by Fred Showker

Erika Pearce Designing Women I'll bet that when Erika Pearce was a little girl, she was into everything! I'll be she ran somebody ragged just trying to keep up. That's the immediate feeling I get when cruising Erika's portfolio, website and Tumbler stream! And, she's a lot of fun! You should take a look and let me know!


It's great to get out and discover such great talents each year for "Women's History Month" and getting into the art and times of Erika Pearce has been a real treat! I first was drawn into her stream by the skateboards -- yes, she's been painting skateboard, with truly cool ideas! My son is innovating in long boards down in Fort Lauderdale Florida these days with Inspiration Longboards, and seeing Erika's work just started those gears turning. I'd love to see some of Erika's work end up on my Inspiration Longboard!


Here we see some examples -- obviously these boards may not be intended to ride -- shredding with these would not be good for the art at all. But Erika forges forward, and even will create custom board designs with your selected images incorporated.


But it's seriously not all fun and games! Well, maybe it is. Erika is a New Zealand based illustrator, artist and graphic designer with the pannash to take on just about anything from boards to tshirts to wall murals or even her own line of custom prints and other objects'd'art. Just try and keep up with that!


From these samples you can clearly see she's got it ALL going on, and really loves creating things by hand, either drawing, painting or illuminating. Cruise her site(s) and see how she applies her talent from sensitive, detailed line work to her playful cartoons and characters with a tattoo-like world. She specializes in pinups, hand drawn typography and custom work. Wow -- we love the work and we're lovin' Erika!

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