New Gallo Fonts for Design & Crafts

by Fred Showker

Gallo FontsGerald Gallo has been busy since the last Foll Fonts Festival -- here are some new PostScript Type 1 screen and printer fonts for this season -- including some all new Initials, an unusual alpha-numeric series, and a collection of fonts for the cross-stitch artist!

more Gallo fonts

we begin our tour with the cross-stitch fonts -- each is meticulously crafted to cater to the cross stitch artist. Above we see Gallo Classic Cross Stitch font. Below is a more decorative Gothic font called Gallo Elaborate Cross Stitch font. (Remember, you can click on these to see more of the font in a pop-up!)

more Gallo fonts

Next is the "Majestic" cross stitch, . . .

Gallo Elaborate

Medieval ...

more Gallo fonts

and Regal Cross Stitch fonts ...


All of these are designed specificly for cross stitch. If they're a little hard to see and appreciate, try squinting. Yet, when completed, and stitched, they'll be quite handsome. All Gallo Cross Stitch fonts are based on uppercase characters 12 stitches tall and contains upper case characters A-Z, numbers and punctuation. They're available in OTF and TTF versions.

Display Squares

Another series capitalizes on the digital format by using pixel squares for the letterforms. No matter what size the pixels are, they'll always be distinct!

Display Squares

Above is Display Squares #1, and below Display Squares #2. These really are display fonts, and not intended for text use.

Display Squares

On the next page we'll continue with more specialty fonts from Gerald Gallo, at Graphics by Gallo in Bethesda, MD, USA

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