New Gallo Fonts for Design & Crafts

by Fred Showker

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Display Crisp

Classic Art Deco ... Gerald calls this his "Display Crisp" font, and that's because it actually will display crisp -- even in pixel use on the web. This is a display font but features small caps for headline use! (See full set)

The Art Deco look and feel of that font is contrasted by the decorative ornamentation of the Art Nouveau period reflected in Gerald's new ornament fonts . . .

Victorian Ornaments

Victorian Ornaments - Here we see classic art nouveau ornaments that make superb book ornamentation, or expand really big to get wonderful vector art for further modification. This one, above, is called "Victorian". Not only do they work alone, but try piecing them together for rare borders, corner treatments and wall-paper designs.

more Gallo fonts

Plant Ornaments joins Gerald's other dingbat fonts with an array of new foliage. These are particularly nice in the Printer's Ornament style as decorations, corner devices, borders and wallpaper -- but also for the "country" look of Pensylvania Dutch motif designs. This new font goes so well with Gallo's Fancy Flowers (pictogram font)

Numbers, numbers, numbers

Then there are Gallo's alpha-numeric fonts. There are actually ten different fonts in the "Display Digits" series, each containing just numbers, in an array of font styling

display numerals digits

What we like best about these are the circled numbers. Very often we need numbered circles for diagrams and infographics ... these are superb for that use. Here are samples of Display Digits 1, 3, 4, 5, and 10 ... see the others at Gerald's site!

More and more Gallo Fonts . . .

Previously we saw Gallo Fonts November, 2009 with Quilt Patterns, Gallo's Leaves & Trees collection, Gallo's FISH font, Gallo printer font, Birds Flying, Gallo Happy-Go-Lucky , Gallo Display Dots - and Gallo Fonts March 2010, which included Art Deco "Glorita", Gallo Carefree , Gothic Initials one, two, and three, and Gallo Art Nouveau

Over the years Gerald has been quite busy, and his fonts collection now ranges over 200 fonts. He's also opened a "merchandise" center on ZAZZLE, and you're invited there for some unique gift selections.

more Gallo fonts Graphics by Gallo LLC Website
more Gallo fonts Graphics by Gallo Merchandise Store

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