16th Annual Designing Women

by Fred Showker

16th Annual Designing Women THIS YEAR WE HAVE A BUMPER-CROP of great personalities from the design, painting, and illustration worlds. Ladies and gentlemen may we present : * Ania Szerszen * Anna Pater * Brianna Garcia * Danielle Levitt * Eleftheria Alexandri * Irina Vinnik * Katia Zubkova * Lacey * Marian Bantjes * Marie Brassely * Maura Jarve * Naomi Atkinson * Sara Hingle * Veerle Pieters * Virginia Robles-Villalba
... and believe it or not, there are more in the pipeline that we didn't get to for today! First, a little reminiscing ...

In 2009, we titled Nena Anderson's gallery "Lady sings Design" -- well, she's still doing design and photography, and as predicted, her music career is going great guns. Listen to the latest tunes : www.nenaanderson.com In 2008, we introduced you to Amy Dresser. Well, she's been busy -- with yet more awesome Photoshop retouching ... just roll your mouse over some of these: www.amydresser.com Amy Wasserman takes us back to one of the very first years of Designing women with her awesome Photoshop collage illustrations. It's great to catch up with Amy to see she's doing truly great work -- still in illustration, but also design, portraits, and more. www.cutnpaced.com

And now, the surf for ...

The 16th Annual Designing Women

Cartoons come to life

16th Annual Designing Women for 2011 in DTG Magazine

Brianna Garcia is a General Artist involved in Disney costume design -- she writes about this piece:
Quoting  begins "Taken at Comic-Con 2010. A recreation of my drawing "Smile for the Camera. I'm the Alice in this photo..." Quoting  ends
She also applies her talents to illustrating shoes for friends, and for sale. Nice work!
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check out these cool fonts and type graphics Custom shoes illustrations

Irina Vinnik

16th Annual Designing Women for 2011 in DTG Magazine

Irina Vinnik is from Saint Petersburg, Russia ... her "Skechbook" is spectacular, considering she uses just a simple gel pen (Pilot), sometimes also "PITT Artist Pen" Faber-Castell.
      Irina was educated as an architect, has been a web designer, but now she writes and illustrates children's books. She makes a very rough sketch with a pencil and then illustrates the final piece, never removing the pencil work.
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check out these cool fonts and type graphics See her Sketchbook Portfolio (Slow loading, have patience!)

Marian Bantjes

16th Annual Designing Women for 2011 in DTG Magazine

Marian Bantjes is a designer, typographer, writer and illustrator working internationally from her base on a small island off the west coast of Canada, near Vancouver.
      Marian started working as a book typesetter in 1984 and opened her own design firm in 1994 employing up to 12 people. Although there are hundreds of spectacular pieces in her portfolio, we loved this campaign designed for Saks Fifth Ave. using scripts and flourishes.
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