19th Annual Designing Women Two

by Fred Showker

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Twenty-Five ways to love Jessica Walsh

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Jessica is a designer, Art Director and Illustrator in New York, NY
      Her work has been featured in numerous magazines and books, and won design awards from the Type Directors Club, Art Directors Club, SPD, Print, Graphis, among others. She has been named Computer Arts magazines "Top Rising Star in Design" and more
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Lori dazzles you with happiness

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Lori Weitzel is an artist, illustrator, designer and creative director in Winter Park, Florida. Her blogs are fun and lively -- Orlando illustrator : lori weitzel : a daily personal art blog --
      What we like best about Lori is her unique talents of visual story telling. Her designs tell the story without speaking a word. Cool. (You'll want to see her Tumblr site too!)
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Gergana Plummer: You Don't Need A Computer

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Gergana is all over the world -- with considerable insight and talent in typography, branding, design and visual drama. While her profile says she works at 'Paper-Stone-Scissors' the rather odd http://www.paperstonescissors.com/au/# web site takes some real digging to get to the story. She's also been celebrated for her typeface packaging and her fabulous branding package for COUSCOUS . . . and yet her gergana.co.uk web site is empty.
      We really loved her posters . . . "You Don't Need A Computer... "
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