Designing Women: Jane Conner-ziser

by Fred Showker

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beautiful art works from Jane Conner-ziser

In her "Peter Pan" work, Jane completely recreates the subjects into a familiar dreamscape that both informs and delights. Here, you can see the snapshot components, and the finished intent. Now take a look at the full work! Notice how the landscape and sky are worked in based on separate photos. You can feel the gate and fenceline in the painting. Jane writes . . .

quoting This was a customer commission that bloomed from a discussion with the mother regarding her wishes to have a special portrait made of her three daughters that would capture the magic of their childhood forever. She felt that the two oldest, twins, who were ten at the time would too soon grow out of their childhood fantasies.
      I love the Peter Pan Painting because I feel it does capture the fun and fantasy of childhood and I know my client and her family treasure the painting. I like it because it's simple and it illustrates the magic that is possible when artists command technology.end quote

Please read Jane's full account of the creation of "Peter Pan"

At the Beach is another creation where simple reporting, or artistic interpretation was not enough. This truly difficult shot betrayed the parent's desire to capture the emotion and feeling of the children at the beach. We've seen it ... we all see the actual event differently than a camera can ever capture it. (Roll-over the image below)

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quoting I started using Painter about 12 years ago. I used to do photo painting with oil paints on top of black-and-white photography. Once I realized the potential of technology, I was sold -- until I realized that the software was a bit delicate on the 200+MB files that were typical in the photography industry at that time. Since then, the file sizes that photographers work with have gotten significantly smaller, and the software is a lot more sophisticated and fast. Now it's a pleasure to work with Painter! end quote

Corel Painter before and after painting

quoting Classic oil portraits can be digitally painted faster and cleaner than ever before. I use a modified original color photograph as the under-painting, saving myself about 60 percent of the time it would take to create the colors from scratch. I precompose, color-adjust, enhance, size, and retouch in Photoshop and then paint in Painter -- but this is just my personal preference and workflow I use for speed. I plan to have most classic oil paintings finished within 2 hours max. end quote

Jane's background is in fine arts and she has been a retouching artist and painter for over 25 years - long before digital. She's won just about every honor that's out there, and continues as a celebrity in the digital image world. And, here's good news for those of you still thinking there's a filter, plug-in or app for that ... Jane teaches! Private lessons can be scheduled, or any of the seminars and workshops she conducts around the world.

cover See and learn a lot more from Jane in chapter 17 of Secrets of Corel Painter Experts: Tips, Techniques, and Insights for Users of All Abilities, by Daryl Wise and Linda Hellfritsch. Plus you get the wonderful works of fifteen of the leading Painter experts in the world. If you're into Corel Painter, or you want a worthy alternative to Photoshop, check out this book for sure. And do not miss Jane's web site:

beautiful art works from Jane Conner-ziser Jane Conner-ziser
beautiful art works from Jane Conner-ziser Do not miss Jane Conner-ziser's Portfolio
beautiful art works from Jane Conner-ziser Private Lessons & Workshop/Seminar Schedules

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