Designing Women: Lydia Leith

by Fred Showker

Royal 'Throne Up Sick Bags'

Lydia Leith Well, we've seen graphic designers and small businesses getting attention by using humor in all kinds of printing campaigns, be it business cards, bookmarks, tshirts or magnets.

Lydia's cleavage cards -- now sold out But Lydia Leith, a graphic designer from the UK, has hit upon a national best seller : the "Throne Up, Royal Wedding, SICK BAG." (Seen above with her own hand doing the screen printing!)

The "sick bags" are designed mark the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton on April 29. Currently, Leith has already sold out the first edition, and now has added a second color, red, for the second edition roll-out.

Lydia is a graphic designer, illustrator and screen printer with degrees from Edinburgh College of Art and Cumbria University. She designs lots of cool stuff -- we particularly liked the "Cleavage Card" (now sold out), and her wonderfully playful screen prints.

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