Designing Women Part 2

by Fred Showker

16th Annual Designing Women Continuing from last month, we take another surf through great personalities from the design, painting, and illustration worlds -- closing out this year's Designing Women with : * Kathleen Meaney, * Debbie Millman : Sterling Brands, * Nicolle Rager Fuller, * Susan Sellers : brand strategy, * Tina and Esther: Little Fury, * Jessica Skipworth : Branding, * Deborah Adler, and last but not least, * Sara De Bondt!

Alphabeasties and other Amazing Types

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An amazing body of fantastic work can be found at designing woman Sharon Werner's web site : Werner Design Works.
      Enjoy her playful, fun logo collection ... amongst others
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Kathleen Meaney Teaching Designer

 Photoshop designing women

The most exciting part of meeting designing woman Kathleen Meaney is discovering her teaching methods. (Also interesting is the use of the ampersand as the site icon!)
      This assignment requires the student to act as punchcutter and printer -- a process through which the history and present-day practices of graphic design unfold. It lays down a foundation for digital typography and color theory, and serves as a primer for letterpress printing.
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Debbie Millman : Sterling Brands

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Debbie has been a major influence in building the creative side of Sterling Brands since 1995. Debbie's loves are culture, technology and the role that design plays in our everyday lives.
      Debbie is President of the AIGA, the largest professional association for design. She is a contributing editor at Print Magazine, a design writer at and, and Chair of the Masters in Branding Program at the School of Visual Arts in New York City.
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designing women who use Photoshop A look at Debbie's unique Extinction Timeline

Sara De Bondt

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Sara De Bondt is a London-based Belgian graphic designer who has been running her studio since 2003. There you'll find some wonderful and ground-breaking design ...
      At her site, you can also download a copy of her Futuro ET font -- The Martian Museum of Terrestrial Art typeface (ttf) !!!
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Susan Sellers : brand strategy

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Susan Sellers is a founding partner and Creative Director at 2x4 and Senior Critic at Yale University School of Art. At 2x4, she leads diverse projects from large-scale identity and branding projects to exhibition and set design for major cultural institutions nationwide.
      While it's not necessarily about print or graphic design -- it indeed is about visual communications design. Spend some time in this site and you'll be amazed.
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designing women who use Photoshop Another sample

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