Jessica Hische: Caps to Captivate

by Fred Showker

Jessica Hische hand lettering

Once in a while we run across art, design or typography that simply blow us away. It's not often that all three come in a single package -- but in this case, the stunning works of typographer and illustrator Jessica Hische proves she's a master of all three!

a sample of works by Jessica

Jessica says:

quoting I didn't know what graphic design was until I went to college. I took some classes in it and loved it, but wasn't really sure if I loved it more than every other class (Glass-blowing is fun! Sculpture is fun! Painting is fun!). end quote

We find that hard to believe. The sheer diversity of styles -- all masterfully executed -- would suggest that she's been at this a lot longer than she has; or that she is uniquely gifted in the visual arts as few others are!
A true testiment to that statement is to: side-scroll this

Jessica Hische Daily Drop Cap WOW, is that cool, or what?

I ran across Jessica's work, by chance, in a Twitter tweet that goes to one of those blogs that doesn't give credit to the actual artist. (You know the ones -- there are thousands of them!) It merely referenced The Daily Drop Cap, an ongoing project by Jessica Hische. So, I bore down until I found her site. This is a series of hand-crafted decorative initial caps, "for the beautification of blog posts everywhere."

books, packaging, posters, signage, prints, letterpress prints and a lot more

Jessica comments:

quoting I went to school thinking I would be a painter. In the end, I was procrastinating from my painting/sculpture/everything-else work by doing graphic design. I think a good way to figure out your passions are to look at what you do when you're procrastinating from everything else. end quote

Truly sage advice -- and a beautiful way to end this brief review, so you can go and enjoy the awsome works of

Jessica Hische -- hand lettering

Jessica Hische designer illustratorJessica Hische a designer/illustrator currently living in Brooklyn. She spends her days drawing type and designing pretty things and her late nights working on everything from editorial illustration to hand-lettering for romance novel covers.
Jessica Hische Typography
Jessica Hische Graphic Identity Design
Check out her Drop Caps Limited Editions

We hope you enjoy meeting Jessica as much as we did... thanks for reading

Fred Showker

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