Malika Favre : negative space design excellence

by Fred Showker

malika_favre Designing Women The first thing that impressed us about Malika Favre is her innate talent of boiling lots of visual information into the sublime essence for communications. The second thing that occurred to us was -- she's probably one of the most ripped-off designers of all times! Designing Women field trip!


malika favre resort Negative Space Design ... Malika's negative space work is extraordinary. Many artists and designers attempt it ... few succeed. As evidenced in her famous cover for the 'Kama Sutra' poster to the : actual type font she designed for this project!

Malika is a French illustrator/art director based in East London. She grew up in Paris where she studied graphic design before moving to London to pursue illustration. She joined Airside in 2006, a highly acclaimed multidisciplinary design studio. Having left Airside in 2011 Malika is now established as one of the most sought after illustrators.

Malika is represented by Handsome Frank is a UK based illustration agency representing some of the finest contemporary artists on the planet.

Malika worked on a variety of projects spanning editorial, advertising and publishing for clients such as Vogue, The New Yorker, Penguin and Gucci. One of our favorites is the work for Aldo, in retail situations, and, of course her motion and video work:

This is our favorite, from TOTO called "The Perfect Day"

This one is called Hide&Seek from the Kemistry Gallery on Vimeo.

Below you'll find her own video where she talks about her works, from her own Vimeo Gallery

GO Malika Favre web site
GO Malika on Vimeo:
GO Malika Favre represented by Handsome Frank
GO Malika Favre as seen by Google

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